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SAP Jam Collaboration, release 1711 summary

Release 1711 of SAP Jam will be available soon, and a large portion of the enhancements of this release are focused on employee and group administrator experience - making it easier for them to do what they are trying to do, making it easier for employees to find content and to create a seamless brand experience.


User Experience

Company branding for a seamless intranet experience

This release we’ve made it even better to extend your enterprise look and feel into SAP Jam with new customizable JavaScript-based navigation header, enabling a seamless transition between employee facing applications and SAP Jam.


Group administrator experience enhancements – easier management of group overview pages

To make it easier to get a cleaner look on group overview pages, the overview page designer will now automatically adjust the height of widgets, providing a uniform height of items in the same row.   Resizing and aligning image widgets will now be easier with a visual guide and snap-to-grid capabilities.


Employee-facing content experience enhancements

Customer requests for content navigation and viewing improve employee experience with the addition of thumbnail images of group content from the content view.  Users can quickly and easily get a small thumbnail of the group content without having to open the content.  Additionally, employees searching for content will benefit from several new abilities including having your sort order and filtering settings remembered. Finally, expanding upon previous real-time content updates, when looking at ideas and documents, the page will automatically have new and changed items appear without refreshing the page.


New user tour

The new user tour has been enhanced with a new visual design and helpful tips on the various parts of the SAP Jam user interface.  The tour now has targeted content for employees and administrators.  The new user tour is available at any time to all employees, but normally appears the first time a user accesses SAP Jam. The tour is a critical part of new employee onboarding as well as new customer ramp-up as it introduces the employee to various group recommendations as well as people they should consider connecting with based on their employee profile and where they are in the organization.


Improved search engine drives self-service access to information with content and people discovery

Improvements to the SAP Jam search engine are making it easier to find what employees are looking for.  Additional employee profile fields are now indexed by the search engine, making it easier to find subject matter experts to help you do your job.    The recently introduced messages capability is now indexed by the search engine as well, so conversations you’re included in will be available in search results.    Finally, additionally search filtering options enable you to narrow down the content you’re looking for faster.


Improving team collaboration and communication with messaging

Conversations for one-on-one and team-based discussions are improved with new capabilities for emoji’s, reactions and message editing.  Instead of sending email messages and having your contribution to work being missed, move your conversations to SAP Jam’s recently introduced messages, which replaced the private messages capability.  Discussions allow you to have persistent, real-time conversations with up to 150 people, directly within the SAP Jam interface.


Content management enhancements

Document and wiki check out with exclusive editing

New document and wiki locking capabilities help prevent multiple people from overwriting changes.  Here’s a summary of the enhancements:

  • Exclusive edit access ensures content does not get accidentally overwritten

  • Real-time notifications help users know whether a document is available for edits, and to make appropriate requests

  • Group administrators can keep track of checkouts discarded to prevent misuse


Excel spreadsheet previews

The ability to view and collaborate around spreadsheets has been improved with a new viewer – you can see spreadsheets just like any other document, and comment on and annotate directly on the spreadsheet within the SAP Jam interface.