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With this release, the focus has been on supporting additional events for Push Notifications (Webhooks) and enhancements to the SAP Jam API.

Push Notifications (Webhooks)

With the 1702 release, there is a new event available for the Alias Account Scope for feed replies. If an Alias User has already been engaged on the thread, any further replies will also trigger an event.

Push Notifications can be found in the Admin Console: Admin > Integrations > Push Notifications.

I would recommend checking out the SAP Jam Developer Guide and the sample Webhooks server that you can use to test your webhooks with your SAP Jam Developer Edition account.

OData API Updates


The following endpoints will search through the entire folder structure when searching:

  • [GET] /Groups('{id}')/ContentListItems?search='filter'

  • [GET] /Folders(Id='{Id}', FolderType='{FolderType}')/ContentListItems?search='filter'


Prior to the 1702 release, it wasn’t possible, via the API, to determine how many times a given document was downloaded or be able to increment the download counter. This is now possible through the addition of a new property and new service operation:

ContentItems new property – DownloadsCount

  • Some content types have a separate view and download counts, this new property will expose the download count that is in the UI.  It is null if the content type isn’t downloadable.

Here’s an example of the new property when viewed through the Interactive API Reference, connected to an SAP Jam Developer Edition environment:

ContentItems new service operation – ContentItem_IncrementDownloads

  • This allows the API to increment the download count.  Best practice is to use this after performing a GET on ContentItem/$value for downloads.  If the application is just viewing the content after doing the GET, it is best to use the previous ContentItem_IncrementViews.


It is now possible to edit feed posts using PATCH api/v1/OData/FeedEntry('id’) and api/v1/OData/Comment(‘id’)

NOTE: calls will fail if you try to edit someone else’s post.


Downloading video content will download the original version of the video if the conversion process is still in process instead of failing.

Don't forget that you sign up for an SAP Jam Developer Edition environment and test out these updates.

These are some of the highlights for developers available in the SAP Jam Collaboration 1702 release. To learn more about other enhancements, please refer to the release notes and the SAP Jam documentation.