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As with previous releases, this blog is intended to provide you with the developer specific updates available in the SAP Jam Collaboration 1611 release. As well as enhancements to the API, there are updates to the documentation, new samples apps and some exciting integration-related updates.

Push Notifications (Webhooks)

Following the availability of Push Notifications in the SAP Jam Collaboration 1608 release, more events for triggering notifications are available in the 1611 release.

There are new events for Group Wall Comments and Forums as well as additional events for Documents.

Push Notifications can be found in the Admin Console: Admin > Integrations > Push Notifications.

Please do check out the developer documentation to learn more about Webhooks and test them out yourself in your own SAP Jam developer environment using the sample app provided.

Zapier Integration

With the 1611 release, SAP Jam now supports integration with Zapier. Zapier is a web based application that makes it easy to automate tasks between the web apps that you use every day.

SAP Jam provides three actions that enable you to make your own “zap” and feed content into SAP Jam:

- Create Group Blog: creates a blog in the specified group
- Create Group Feed: creates a new feed in the specified group
- Create Group Event: creates a new event in the specified group

You can use these actions to connect SAP Jam with hundreds of third-party applications available in Zapier’s App Directory -

Recommended zaps for SAP Jam Collaboration can be found here:

Content migration sample app

A new sample app is available on GitHub. The SAP Jam Java Data Api Sync Client Sample app demonstrates how to download content from one instance of SAP Jam and upload the content to another instance of SAP Jam.

The sample app can be found here.

OData API Updates

New Query Parameter for the [GET] /Groups endpoint:

The $orderby system query option can be used for Name and LastActivityAt in either ascending order using ‘asc’ or descending order using ‘desc’ on the [GET] /Groups endpoint e.g.$orderby=Name asc.


*NEW* – [POST] /Notifications_DismissAll

- Dismisses all notifications for the currently logged in user (optional parameter to only dismiss notifications of a specific category).


Tags are now available on the ContentItem entity.

- These can be both read and set.  When setting, it will overwrite the list.
- Is a comma separated list of tags


Tasks and Events are now returned by the /Search API.

/SearchSummary now includes a property that shows a count per category for the results.

Documentation updates

The interactive API documentation has been updated to provide a better developer experience. In addition to faster loading of the documentation, there is a new UI that makes it easier to test the API and view the request headers, response headers and response body.

The API documentation can be accessed from the SAP Jam Collaboration Developer Guide but also directly from within the SAP Jam Developer environment by navigating to Admin > Integrations > OAuth Clients and clicking the “OData APIs” link.

The OAuth Token is automatically populated in the Token field in the documentation when clicking the OAuth client doc link and is also stored for future visits.

These are some of the highlights for developers available in the SAP Jam Collaboration 1611 release. To learn more about other enhancements, please refer to the release notes at and this 1611 release highlights blog post.