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The perfect match: SAP Jam & SAP Document Center

SAP Jam is SAP's collaboration platform. SAP Document Center (formerly known as SAP Mobile Documents) is the integration platform for content repositories, both for SAP and non-SAP, on-premise and cloud repositories.

So what if you could use the collaboration features of SAP Jam together with the content integration capabilities of SAP Document Center?

Guess what! It is already possible today.

SAP Jam has shipped the integration with SAP Document Center in the latest release.


This is what you can get with the integrated solution:


Using the trial of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, you can test the solution yourself (the configuration steps will vary if you use SAP Jam and SAP Document Center in a productive environment).



SAP Document Center Account on HCP (e.g. SAP Document Center on HCP Trial)

SAP Jam Account (e.g. Jam on HCP Trial)


These are the steps that are described in this blog:


I. Setting up Trust Between SAP Jam and SAP Document Center

II. Connecting SAP Jam to SAP Document Center

III. Adding Document Center Repositories into Jam Groups

IV. Onboarding Additional Users


Please note: As SAP Mobile Documents was just recently re-branded to SAP Document Center, it will take some time until the new name will be reflected in all parts of the software.


I. Setting up Trust between SAP Jam and SAP Document Center

1. In SAP Jam, when logged in as a company administrator:

Go to the Admin menu:

2. Click on Integrations  -  SAML Local Identity Provider, in the navigation menu on the left side


3. Press Generate Key Pair if the X509 Certificate field is empty. Then click Save changes.


Leave this window open, you will need the values in “Issuer” and “X509 Certificate”.

4. In the HCP tenant admin cockpit, click on Trust in the left navigation menu

5.a) On the tab Local Service Provider, Ensure that Principal Propagation is set to Enabled

b) Note down if the Configuration Type is set to Default or Custom. Depending on this setting, you will need to use different configuration values in step            II.-4.

6. Go to tab Trusted Identity Provider and click Add Trusted Identity Provider

6a. Copy the value from the Issuer field of the Jam SAML Local IdP page to the Name field.

6b. Set the Assertion Consumer Service field to Application Root (default).

6c. Set the Single Sign-on URL field to http://<Jam_deployment_host>/saml/saml_acs. Replace <jam_deployment_host> with the DNS name the Jam deployment you are using (e.g.

6d. Leave Single Sign-on Binding as HTTP-POST, leave Signature Algorithm as SHA-1.

6e. Copy the text in the X509 Certificate field (without "-----Begin Certificate-----" and "-----End Certificate-----") from the Jam SAML Local IdP page to the Signing Certificate field.

6f. Set User ID Source to subject.

6g. Check enabled.

It should look like this:

Do NOT set this newly created Identity Provider as Default.

II. Connecting SAP Jam to SAP Document Center


1. In SAP Jam, when logged in as a company administrator:

Go to the Admin menu:

2. Click on External Applications near the bottom of the left menu

3. Select SAP Mobile Documents (cloud version)

4. Provide a meaningful name for the connection.

For the value of the Service Document URL, copy and paste the DNS name of your SAP Document Center instance. You get this URL, when you open the Document Center / Mobile Documents Web UI (HCP Cockpit - Services - Mobile Documents - Go to Service - Copy the URL after you are logged on. Only copy the part of the URL up to …

This DNS name looks like


Now comes the "tricky" part - the Service Provider Name:


If the setting from step I. 5.b) for Configuration Type is set to Default you will need to maintain one of the following values for Service Provider Name:


Location of your HCP account Service Provider Name
Factory https://netweaver.ondemand.con
US1 (the / at the end must be there)



If the setting from step I. 5.b) for Configuration Type is set to Custom you will need to copy the Local Provider Name value from the HCP Cockpit - Trust section

and paste it into the field Service Provider Name.



The name identifier is used to define whether the Email address or the User Identifier is unique for both SAP Document Center and SAP Jam. Especially if you use the Trial, I recommend to choose the option SAP Cloud Identity User Identifier.

Now that Document Center is connected, you can select which repositories connected to Document Center should be available for your Jam instance


5. On the newly created entry select Action - Manage CMIS Repositories



6. Click on Add Repository and choose Select From List


In the next screen, select the repositories you want to expose to SAP Jam


III. Adding Document Center Repositories into Jam Groups

1. Log on to your Jam Group (that you want to map Document Center content to) as a Group Administrator

In the lower left navigation menu, select Group Admin - Edit Group

2. Go to Setup

Optional: You can de-select the Content Section for the group in case you only want to access the external content in this group and skip the Jam-internal content:

3. Scroll down to SAP Mobile Documents - click Add External Folder

4. Select the folder or root level of the repository

5. Don't forget to save the changes.

and finally 6. The content is now available in the navigation as new SAP Mobile Documents entry.


IV. On-boarding Additional Users

Adding new Users into SAP Document Center

All users need to have authorizations for both SAP Jam and SAP Document Center. When enabling the Services Jam and Document Center, by default the roles are assigned for the admin. To add additional users, you need to conduct the steps described in the blog Adding additional users to SAP Document Center.

Adding new Users into Jam


The required steps in Jam to assign the required role and add a new user are described in section Setting up new users of James Penfold's blog Welcome to your new SAP Jam developer edition


V. Enjoy your day!

Do what you like most :smile: