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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Supplying more than 350,000 medical facilities with distribution, digital, and commercial services

Zuellig Pharma strives to make healthcare more accessible in Asia. As one of the largest healthcare services groups in the region, the company provides world class services that support the growing healthcare needs of millions of lives. To further its mission, it knew it needed to better support its vast network of customers and clients, which includes medical facilities and pharmaceutical companies. Specifically, the company sought to create a next generation ordering process that would help its customers get what they need fast, so that patients aren’t left waiting. By combining intelligence with the company’s advanced blockchain network, Zuellig Pharma will create greater trust in its products as it fights fraud in counterfeit drugs.

Zuellig Pharma's journey with SAP Intelligent RPA

Zuellig Pharma uses SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation in the cloud to process orders 24x7 and keep up with demand as a pillar of the healthcare industry.

 Indeed, SAP Intelligent RPA services enabled Zuellig Pharma to develop new bots that:

  • Digitalize and automate the manual process of receiving customer orders, which relied on as many as 20 employees each day to open e mails, move those orders to spreadsheets, and then convert them to PDFs

  • Enable more orders to be placed each day, 24x7, without lag due to vacations or time off

  • Empower employees to perform more value added tasks across the company

  • Continue processing orders without disruption, even during worldwide events or crises

  • Create a near seamless, touchless environment for ordering

  • Enable compliance with industry regulations using a reliable, preapproved, and repeatable ordering process

  • Read invoice PDFs using RPA and optical character recognition, or OCR, and then process that information in SAP solutions for an end to end process that spans receipt to payment

  • Clear an entire backlog of more than 10,000 IT and system related cases in need of auditing a process that would have required three full time employees if they tackled the task

Zuellig Pharma uses RPA in the cloud to process orders 24x7 and keep up with demand as a pillar of the healthcare industry. We launched internal people management enablement with source code developed bySAP Intelligent RPA specifically for our COVID 19 crisis response. Today, we can continue processing orders that bring pharmaceuticals to our customers amid the pandemic.” explains Daniel Laverick, Head of SAP and IT Solutions, Zuellig Pharma Holdings Pte. Ltd.


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