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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear community, 

Over the last decade we had more and more talented women getting started across different fields within the technology ecosystem. Many great experts succeeding in the tech world, pushing diversity boundaries and promoting inclusion. SAP believes that women in computer science can impact innovation, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and a company’s financial success. These pioneer women encourage others to take action and join the club 😊 

We at SAP Intelligent RPA couldn’t agree more. So, we wanted to take the chance and introduce some of our inspiring colleagues with a series called “Women in Automation”. In this series, you will get to know more about them, their career-paths and their thoughts on trends and the future of automation. And hopefully, also get empowered to kick start or deepen your knowledge in RPA. 

To launch the series, I have interviewed one of our colleagues from SAP France, Valeria Churilova-Perot, who I amore than happy to introduce to you below. 

1. Valeria in her own words: 

My name is Valeria and I come originally from Bulgaria, where I graduated in Computer Science. I joined SAP in 2008, and since then I have been working on various projects in the analytics field. My career has always been related to software testing from developing automated tests to building an overall test strategy. Today I am leading the quality activities in the SAP Intelligent RPA team. I feel very lucky to live and work in Paris. My family and I enjoy exploring the city and discover little-known spots.

Images provided by the interviewee.

In my spare time, I love drawing and playing video games with my 11-year-old son. And I also enjoy a lot practicing outdoor sports. I really like hiking, running, and cycling. Two years ago, together with 13 SAP colleagues, I ran ‘La Course du Coeur’, a race of 750 km from Paris to southern France to raise awareness to organ donation. It was the experience of a lifetime 

Images provided by the interviewee.

2. How did you start your career in the field of automation?  

Back in 2018, my colleagues and I were in a middle of a transfer to the Advanced Analytics team, when Sebastian (head of SAP Intelligent RPA) came to Paris and presented his new mission (called at that time IPA). I did not know a lot about Robotic Process Automation technology and its potential, but I felt that this is a unique chance to be part of a project from the very beginning and use my experience to build something completely new. He invited us to join the team and I remember that all of us, about 20 engineers, accepted to take the journey. 

3. What is the biggest impact RPA and other automation technologies play for businesses?  

RPA is all about efficiency. A bot would be faster than a person in filling hundreds of forms, processing invoices, sending standard messages. However, for me, the biggest impact on business is unlocking human potential. Employees are freed of these highly repetitive tasks to focus on activities that require innovation, creativity, and human decisions.   

4. What are you most proud of while working within automation? 

Being a Quality Engineer is less about seeing the success stories and more about facing the problems and the challenges. I am proud, each time a case gets resolved and we get positive feedback from our customers. I find it particularly gratifying working with our internal SAP users like S/4 Hana, Finance, ByDesign, HR teams, and helping them achieve their goals.   

5. How do you see LCNC (low-code/no-code) automation unfold in the next 5 years?  

In the next 5 years, automation will be tightly integrated with process modeling. Today, it is already possible for a user without any technical skills to design simple and even more complex automations. Also, the time we spent designing to productizing a bot has decreased dramatically.  I think in the future LCNC automation will integrate Artificial Intelligence solutions, bringing automation opportunities to the next level. 


It was great to see one of the faces behind the solution. Thank you so much Valeria for sharing your journey with us! I hope my fellow community members have enjoyed this post as much as I did. For the upcoming interviews stay tuned to our LinkedIn page or click on the cards below:

All the best! 


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