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In case of a huge iRPA project, it is not desirable to implement a whole project by one person. For even smaller one, you can separate your project and build the project alongside with your team members. Today, I want to share How to merge two separate projects into a single project.




There are two things we have to do.

First, Copy/Paste Declarations from your project 2 to your project 1

Second, Copy/Paste Workflows from your project 2 to your project 1



Step 1 ) Copy/Paste declarations from your project 2 to your project 1

Important prerequisite : Same name of Application in project 1 is not captured/declared in your project 2 so there won't be any declaration overlapping


1.Go to project folder -> "app" directory


2. Copy  PROJECTNAME_Screens folder and PROJECTNAME.pscp and paste those to the other project folder


3. Go back to project root folder and open PROJECTFILE.pscp with text editor ( ex: notepad++ ).


4. Find the <APPLICATIONS> node and insert this line as a sub-node :

<include href="app/name_of_the_file_you_copied_pasted.pscp" xpointer="xpointer(//APPLI)" />


Step 2 ) Copy/Paste Workflows from your project 2 to your project 1


1.Copying and Pasting of workflow is really easy. First, You have to open both projects.


2. Drag the workflows and Copy, Paste those to the other project. Don't forget to wire up the workflows.




In this blog post, we saw how to merge two different projects into one piece. If you know better way to merge the project, please leave the comment below.


Thank you.