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During May SAP Intelligent RPA is the focus topic in the SAP Community. To support the start of new joiners in the SAP Intelligent RPA Community we will publish a series of blog posts with step-by-step descriptions to realise common requirements which are part of every SAP Intelligent RPA project.

Realisation Instructions for Common Requirements

We will start the series with blog posts for Excel and Outlook and later this month we will also publish blog posts for common topics for the SAPGUI and the UI5 connector. The blog posts based on a portfolio of templates which we will published later in the Cloud Factory Store.

The table below shows the planned topics:

Area Theme Published on
Excel Read Data from Excel: Fixed Header May 5, 2020 (revised version)
Excel Read Data from Excel: Unknown Header May 7, 2020
Excel Write Data into Excel May 18, 2020
Outlook Inbox: Search for an e-mail May 11, 2020
Outlook Inbox: Send E-mail May 20, 2020
Outlook Mail: Save Attachment May 19, 2020
Outlook Mail: Search in Body May 13, 2020
Outlook Mail: Send customized email with email template May 20, 2020
SAPGUI Connector Exception Handling May 15, 2020
SAPGUI Connector Working with GUI Tree Control
SAPGUI Connector Working with Table Control
SAPGUI Connector Use the Right-Click activity May 27, 2020
PDF Extract Data from readable PDFs
Document Processing Integration with Abby FlexiCapture May 6, 2020
UI5/Fiori How to start SAP Intelligent RPA on click of Fiori element  May 14, 2020
Pop-ups SAP Intelligent RPA: How to create and capture a Popup May 27, 2020
Tool Handling Capture on hover May 27, 2020
Cloud Factory Getting Credentials and Variables from Factory May 30, 2020
Integration Calling a Web Service May 30, 2020

We will add the publication date and link the blog posts with this overview table.


After you have read our blog post series you will be able to use the most important functionalities in SAP Intelligent RPA Desktop Studio. This will help you to realise your projects faster with a portfolio of predefined automation steps.