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This is a submission of the Enhance your bot building with templates blog post series.

In this blog post I will show you when and how to use the Start Capture on Hover option from the Page Capture application.

To explain this functionality, i chose to use as example the SAP Logon 7.6 application.


  • Introduction

  • Content

  • Prerequisites

  • When to use Start Capture on Hover option?

  • How to use Start Capture on Hover option?

  • Video

  • Conclusion


  • Desktop Studio;

  • SAP Logon 7.6 or higher;

When to use Start Capture on Hover option?

The process of page capturing when using Desktop Studio, requires pressing on CTRL(or SHIFT) key. This means, that in case when we have to capture a page that is activated only through some actions( click on a page element, right-click on a page element, etc), the step of CTRL keystroke may determine the inactivation of that page. Therefore, the page capturing cannot be done the classic way.

For this type of pages it is required to use the Capture on Hover, in order for the process of page capturing to be done successfully.

In my example, I will use this functionality in order to be able to capture the menu page that activates once i right-click on a System ID in the SAP Logon application.

How to use Start Capture on Hover option?

After you already added your application, and you are ready to capture the page in mention, follow the steps:

Right-click on your Application and select 'Capture a new page..'. The Capture Page application opens and on the right side of it you can find the Capture Options panel: check the Start Capture on Hover box:

Activate your page and press CTRL key in order cu capture it:

Keep in mind that when you Capture on Hover, the scanning of the page happens almost instantly. Therefor it might be possible for you to not observe it. Just check if the page appears in the Application panel:

Now your page is captured and you can use it in the workflow as you wish.


Check the video below to see all the steps described in this tutorial:


Because we are dealing with a lot of application types, also the type of the pages can differ and therefor the way we can capture them might be different.

Luckily, the Capture Page application has a lot of options that we can use in order to achieve our interest.