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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In previous blog posts I have shown you examples of automated processes using SAP's Intelligent Robotic Process Automation. And now that we have an automated process, how can we improve it? What if we could have the bot take note of everything it does? Fortunately we can ask the bot to do more, and it won't slow it down. In order to have the bot capture all the information from the process it is automating, we can use Business Activity Monitoring, or BAM.

BAM works as a sensor within the process to capture all the information as it is being processed. It is like having someone write down everything they are doing as they are working. When BAM is added to a process, all the information is sent to the Intelligent RPA Cloud Factory where it can be extracted for analysis.

There is an API on the roadmap to extract this data from the Cloud Factory, but for now we have SAP Intelligent RPA so we can use a bot to do this extraction for us. Once we have this data extracted we can then upload it to a dashboard. We are using SAP Analytics Cloud for our dashboard, and with BAM to provide the data we can have visibility on how our End-to-End process is performing.

In our example we took an automated accounts receivable process and had the bot use BAM to capture dispute status, invoice amount, and other KPIs for the process. As the accounts receivable bot works, it is uploading BAM to the cloud factory, then another bot extracts that data and uploads it to SAP Analytics Cloud so we can view the status of our automation in an intelligent dashboard.

This dashboard can be improved further by bringing in additional data points. In our example we calculated the savings of each invoice process by the bot and are able to have a running chart of our return on investment, so the bot will let us know when it has paid for itself in savings.

Now, if you would like to have a deeper dive into the accounts receivable process we built this dashboard around please watch this video below:


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