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The activity WMI Query execute a WMI query with the parameters given. If you want more information on the WMI query you can see the Microsoft documentation here.

The WMI Query

The parameters of the activity are:

  • Section: is the section of the WMI to search

  • Parameters: the list of attributes to retrieve

  • Where: the selection string to search

Here is an example of an automation that will retrieve the name of a file by WMI Query.



In this automation, we take the path of a file as an input and we get the name in the section CIM_DATAFILE.

Note: The path given in the Where parameter must contain double backslashes like this “C:\\Documents\\example.txt”



This is an example of what the activity shows in the tester.


With this activity you can perform customizable WMI Query in your Cloud Studio projects.