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In this blog post, we will see how to import files in a project and use them in a workflow. Importing a file to a project allows the user to use those files in different automations without the need to have a local copy.


Import a file in a project

In a project, click on import then file

A popup opens where you can browse the file you want from your computer and give it a name.

Then click on import.

Now you have a file in your project


How to read the file

The imported file can be used as a regular file.

Here is an example where we open the imported file with the activity Open Workbook because it is an excel file. Then we do a Get Values on it to extract some data.

You can access the imported file with this path: irpa_core.enums.path.files + "/filename"


How to use the file

The file imported can’t be modified because it will modify the project directory. To be able to modify an imported file to write on it for example, you can make a copy of that file and use the copy.

The file is copied at: irpa_core.enums.path.log

Here in this example we use the file, imported earlier, as a template by making a copy and modifying the copy. After sending the copy of the workbook by email, we can delete it from the computer.



This blog post show how to import files in a project. As well as use those files in read only mode or using them as templates. Here we show you how to work with an excel but you can import different type of files, like json files that you are able to see in the file viewer.






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