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Hello Community, 

With the SAP Intelligent RPA 2201 release coming with the beginning of this year, this blog post will highlight some of the new features available for you.


Release Agenda 2201

Cloud components

Cloud Studio

  • Automation debugging optimization

  • SAP GUI for HTML support in S4/HANA system

  • Automation stability improvement

  • UI Automation recorder productivity improvement

  • Support Date data in Excel Cloud mapping activity

Cloud Factory

  • Deprecated API triggers disabled

  • Resizable columns in Cloud Factory tables


  • Warning for deactivated artifacts in Store packages


Cloud components

Automation debugging optimization

Optimized debugging experience in Cloud Studio to launch the debug execution of your automations faster

SAP GUI for HTML support in S4/HANA system

Enable SAP GUI for HTML recorder to record SAP GUI for HTML applications embedded inside S4 Cloud System's iframes

Cloud Studio Automation stability improvement

Creating a limitation on the length of an automation to avoid impacting the performance and stabitility

100 steps 300 steps 500 steps

UI Automation recorder productivity improvement

Detect screen change and display hint in the recorder widget to indicate that the new screen needs to be captured

Excel date data support in Excel Cloud Link activity

Better support of date, datetime and time in the data types that are created from Excel Cloud mapping activity

Deprecated API triggers disabled in all environments

Disabled all deprecated API triggers using trigger tokens instead of API keys in your environments. These triggers must be migrated to use API keys to not be deleted in end of January 2022

Resize columns of tables in Cloud Factory sections

Resize the columns' width of any overview table in Cloud Factory sections to better read the content in each line.

  • Drag left and right to customize the column width

  • Double-click to automatically resize to the longest string of text in the column



Warning of deactivated artifacts

Warning indicating deactivated artifacts in the Store package detail page



Public Store

307 Bots in on our Public Store


Thank you and stay tuned, the release of this version will happen very soon! 

What’s New  

What’s New 

To learn more about other SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation enhancements, please refer to the What’s New page. 


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