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Hello Community, 

With the SAP Intelligent RPA 2111 release available, this blog post will highlight some of the new release features available for you but first an announcement:

Announcement- Deactivation of API Trigger using deprecated trigger token

Intelligent RPA has introduced a new way to authorize the usage of API Triggers in October 2020. API Triggers used to have trigger token which is deprecated and API Keys should be used instead. With the 2111 release we’ll deactivate API Triggers using trigger tokens. You can reactivate them if needed but since they will be deleted next year please migrated them to using API Keys, it’s an easy process. Please click here for more information.

Release Agenda – What’s new 2111

Cloud Components

Cloud Studio

  • UI Automation Recorder 

  • SAP UI5 Recorder

  • Multi-project shared application for SAP UI5 and SAP GUI for HTML

  • SAP GUI recorder improvement

  • New template creation for Document Information Extraction

  • Surface Automation support

  • SAP UI5 multiple file upload support

  • Productivity improvements in bot design 

    • Artifacts Copy/Paste across projects 

    • Element grouping

  • User task design improvements

    • File browser 

    • Password input support 

Cloud Factory

  • Maintenance project creation from packages

  • Cold debugging traces availability

Desktop Components

  • Agent login pop up on Edge 

SDK packages

  • Document Information Extraction SDK

  • Word SDK updates

  • New activities to retrieve agent information

  • SAP UI5 SDK improvement

Cloud Components 

AP UI5 and UI Automation recorders in Cloud Studio

Use the Recorder to speed up the bot building phase and easily automate complex workflows

UI Automation Recorder

SAP UI5 Recorder

More details regarding Best Practices and Limitations of the Recorder for SAP UI5 and UI Automation available in our SAP Help Portal 

Multi-project shared application in Cloud Studio

Leverage multi-project shared applications to reuse them and better manage your captured applications

Before this release - Two or more Cloud Studio Applications targeting the same running application would result in having only the first declared application recognized in Runtime​

After this release - Each instance of the applications will be recognized to facilitate the reusability of applications​

Supported for :

  • SAP GUI for Windows and UI Automation (2109) 

  • SAP UI5 and SAP GUI for HTML (2111)

SAP GUI Recorders improvements

SAP GUI for Windows : Screen Capture performance improvements​

  • Improved accuracy of screen change hinting while recording on SAP GUI for Windows

SAP GUI for HTML : Web GUI connection closes after recording and replaying flow​

New creation UI in Cloud Studio Document Templates

New wizard interface to create Document Template for document information extraction 

Support surface automation in Cloud Studio Application

Recognize elements in captured screens using OCR for applications on UI Automation

Configure the OCR engine advanced parameters and select a zone to declare

SAP UI5 multiple files upload ​support in Automations

Upload multiple files in one step of your automation using the Upload File activity for SAP UI5 SDK

Capture and pilot applications with screen frames 

Improved the capture of internal structures such as frames, subframes and more…

Copying artifacts between Cloud Studio Projects

Gain time designing new projects by duplicating artifacts from existing projects

Grouping declared elements in Cloud Studio Application

Group declared elements of a screen together to facilitate the organization and management of your elements 

  • Select multiple elements and click on the button Group to create a new group

  • Easily drag and drop elements inside or outside a group 

  • Selecting a group will highlight all its elements in the screen preview

  • Perform actions on the group

File picker component in Cloud Studio User Tasks 

Add a file browser in your user task to choose a file when the pop up appears at runtime 

Password support in Cloud Studio User Tasks

Before 2111 : Adding a password field was done by creating an input of format Password in the User Task

After 2111 : New Password Input field to add in User Task

Display of traces availability in Job Monitoring table

Navigate quickly to the traces section of failed jobs to perform cold debugging and troubleshoot with the new Traces column added in the job monitoring table

Scalability and performance enhanced with the merge from Galaxy bridge to Galaxy

Desktop Components

Replaced IE Agent Login with Edge

Agent login pop-up will run on Edge instead of Internet Explorer 11 if WebView2 Runtime is installed. If not, you will be prompted a warning message inviting you to install it


SDK Improvements

New Document Information Extraction SDK 

Before this release – All activities to perform document information extraction available in PDF SDK

After this release – All these activities will be deprecated from PDF SDK and grouped in a dedicated Document Information Extraction SDK

  • No impact on existing projects 

  • Update deprecated activities in existing automation with the corresponding new ones from the new SDK 

Improvements in Word SDK

Sequence Error exception can be raised when executing some activities on Word applications 

  • If Word application is not opened

  • If Word document is not opened 

Word limitation management when replacing strings in a document

  • Replacing with string longer than 255 characters is not permitted in Word

    • Create a bookmark in your Word document and use the activity Set Bookmark Value to set the replacement value with no words limitation 

  • Replacing string inside a text box is not permitted in Word

    • Create a bookmark in your Word document with the text from your text box and use the activity Set Bookmark Value to replace the value in your text box

Workarounds are only applicable if the text that is replaced can be defined by its position in a template rather than its value

New activities to get agent-general information

New activities in Core SDK to retrieve agent-general information on which the job is running

Improvements in SAP UI5 SDK

Included Wait Ready into all SAP UI5 ​SDK activities

  • Wait Screen and Wait Element activities added in all SDK activities implicitly​


Public Store

262 Bots in on our Public Store


Thank you and stay tuned, the release of this version will happen very soon! 

What’s New  

What’s New 

To learn more about other SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation enhancements, please refer to the What’s New page. 


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