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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hello Community, 

With the SAP Intelligent RPA 2106 released, this blog post will highlight some of the new release features available for you. You’ll discover the new exciting Cloud updates including the SAP GUI Recorder, new bot designing and troubleshooting experience improvements, job executions cold debugging in cloud Factory and many more cloud functionalities.

This article will also cover the SDK Packages updates including the new activities available in our Excel, Outlook and Core sdk packages and the updates done on SAP GUI SDK activities.

Cloud Components

Cloud Studio

  • Recording capability for SAP WIN GUI

  • SAP GUI Recorder improvements

  • Automation editor improvements

  • Default values display

  • User task editor improvements 

  • File editor support

  • Application editor display improvements

Cloud Factory 

  • Job execution cold debugging

  • Redesigned job detail page

  • Job distribution information 

  • Alert monitoring section

  • Support attributes on agent group 

  • Machine anonymization

  • Package version annotation 

SDK Packages 

  • New Core SDK activities

  • New Excel SDK activities 

  • New Outlook SDK activity

  • SAP GUI SDK activities updates 

Cloud Components 

In our Cloud Studio, you can easily build automations with a low-code/no-code approach. To further enhance this capabilities, we’ve done the following…

Recording capability for SAP Win GUI (GA 2106)

  • Automate complex workflows easily by recording steps on your screens

  • Reduce time considerably when building automations

  • Collaborate with developers to make the automation robust

  • SAP Web GUI already supports recording capability (GA 2103)

SAP Win GUI Recorder updates in Cloud Studio

Dedicated activities to replace custom activities for certain actions performed on applications including :

  • Double Click Current Cell

  • Set Current Cell Row

  • Set Selected Rows 

  • Set Current Cell 

  • Set First Visible Column

  • Set First Visible Row

  • Set First Visible Date

SAP Web GUI Recorder updates in Cloud Studio 

  • Required URL Criteria in Application :​    Add the URL as recognition criteria containing sap-rpa-pubtoken information

  • Required URL Criteria in Automation changes : The sap-rpa-pubtoken part of the URL will also have to be indicated in the Start Web Page activity

  • Deletion of screens and steps recorded is now accessible from recording widget

  • Manually add a new captured screen to an existing application recorded on SAP Web GUI


Cloud Studio Automation editor improvements

New functionalities in the automation editor that will enhance your bot designing and debugging experience 

  • Multi selection of steps in the workflow to prevent repetitive actions on steps

  • Access deleted steps information from the automation timeline to improve debugging

  • Grouped iterations in ranges when displaying large loops for a better troubleshooting experience

  • Tools panel improved to find content more easily and rapidly

Values display in automation activities’ input fields

Default values is provided by the SDK and used at runtime if no other value has been set

  • Displayed similarly to any other input value 

  • Can be overloaded by a new value you set

  • Possibility to come back to the default value

Sample values gives a hint of the expected input value

  • Displayed as placeholders

Cloud Studio Application editor improvements

Auto scrolling of the DOM tree when an element is not uniquely identified was confusing

It is now improved to easily find all the matching conflicting elements

  • Toggle button to display all conflicts by unfolding all the matching elements of the DOM

  • Navigation arrows and index to go through each matching element

UI components supported in Cloud Studio User task

Design more complete user tasks to use as advanced pop ups in your automation with newly added UI components and layout options


Cloud Studio File editor improvements

Open imported files and update the content directly in Cloud Studio File editor to use them later in your automations

Cold debugging of Job execution in Cloud Factory

Understand why your job failed and how to fix the issue with cold debugging of your triggered executions

Unified experience between live debug and cold debug

  • Similar timeline capabilities to easily troubleshoot and debug failed job executions with more visual content

  • Same automation viewer and tester panel to perform deep introspection of variables

Job detail page improvement in Cloud Factory 

Redesigned job detail page to improve readability and find important content quickly

Separated content into 2 tabs : 

  • General information

  • Traces for cold debugging

Cloud Factory job distribution enhancements

Expired and ready jobs were particularly difficult to troubleshoot 

  • New Distribution Information section to find more details regarding the agents and distribution of the job 

Alerts Monitoring in Cloud Factory 

Better troubleshoot and monitor your job executions by viewing the alert and notifiers handlers sections in the Job Details page 

Failed automations monitoring in Cloud Factory 

New overview card in Cloud Factory Home page to improve monitoring and create reporting on failed automations

Cloud Factory Agent Group attributes support

  • Have a better and more fine grain job distribution on agents by restraining the distribution to specific agent groups​

  • View the matching attributes on a package deployed in your environment and in the distribution restriction section when creating a trigger


Data confidentiality using anonymization 

Enhanced security and confidentiality of data related to your machines and user information by anonymizing the machine and login information in Cloud Factory 

Package version annotation in Cloud Factory 

New package version annotations to describe each versions of a package and better differentiate the different versions 

SDK Improvements 

We have added more activities in our SDK Packages to enable you to create bots easily following a low-code/no code approach.

New SDK packages activities

4 new FTP activities in Core SDK package

18 new activities in Excel SDK package including 

  • Format, insert and remove rows and columns 

  • Launch Excel instance in background

  • Set cell formulas

7 new activities in Outlook SDK package to get Email context overview 

SAP Win GUI SDK : Optimized activities 

Optimization of the activities to only set the latest value on the activity instead of generating steps individually when scrolling during the recording of an automation

SAP Win GUI SDK : Related activities tagged

In the SDK Documentation and Cloud Studio, you will now view a related tag indicating that certain activities are related to each other 

  • GuiToolbar :Press Context Button & Select Context Menu item.

  • GuiCtrlTree​: Context Menu & Select Context Menu Item.Item Context Menu & Select Context Menu Item.

  • GuiGridView:Press Toolbar Context Button & Select Context Menu Item.Context Menu & Select Context Menu Item

SAP Web GUI and UI5 SDK : Excluded activities 

All core activities which are not supported for certain SAP Web GUI and SAP UI5 controls have been excluded from these SDKs


In our Public Store page, you can easily find published packages and acquire them on your landscapes. To ensure better accessibility and easily find content in our Store, we’ve done the following…

What’s New  

What’s New 

To learn more about other SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation enhancements, please refer to the What’s New page. 


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