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JOINT Forces to accelerate business innovation with SAP Intelligent Product Design

On November 6-7th SAP and interested customers from the Co-innovation board of SAP Intelligent Product Design conducted the 4th Co-Innovation council for SAP Intelligent Product Design  -  a solution design to help Engineers, product and project managers, systems engineers and designers to orchestrate their daily work in two ways: 

  1. SAP Intelligent Product Design - Collaboration edition - supports Engineers and product managers to exchange structured and unstructured date with their internal and external stakeholders. e.g. you can exchange design documents or BOMs with suppliers, design shops, subcontractor and contract manufacturers and use workflow and redlining capabilites to collaborate on these.

  2. SAP Intelligent Product Design - Engineering edition - supports Engineers and system engineers from requirements acquisition and definition (being able to retrieve customer experience X) to systems verification. The solution helps to manage requirements in a true systems engineering approach from design to operation.

The product GA now since end of 2017 is developed in a true Co-Innovation exchange with customers. This included a variety of customers including across different industries such as Automotive suppliers, Automotive OEMs and Industrial Machinery Companies as well as Consumer Products customers and representatives from the High Tech Process Industry.

Co-innovation with SAP is mutual knowledge flow through joint invention. At this council customers always work on new concepts with the method of design thinking which then is taken to technical concepts and which then will later be included into the development.

In this 4th council SAP left a lot impressed customers behind – in total SAP hosted 50 attendees from customers representing the industries mentioned above.

Customers have been truly impressed of the speed how the solution continues to be developed. They really enjoyed the product testing. They have been amazed by the presentation of our LIVE customer KAESER with IPD collaboration.

Customers were also happy to see that we integrated with ARIBA, Qualtrics and other sources to gain requirements just to mention the latest developments here. Test Management in the early design staged was also mentioned to be great value add for them. And collaboration was perceived being now also relevant in process industries.

They were eagerly participating in our Design Thinking Sessions on how we develop concepts for future product backlog stories. This time we worked on

  • How to approach target costing within requirements modelling, while mapping product cost targets to requirements and map existing costs to these requirements.

  • In Collaboration we dived into the topic of how to handle changes in both discrete and process industries.

One Learning among the different customers was also how to learn from each other across industries. Especially from Process to Discrete and vice versa.

Having said that, for me it was thrilling that they liked the development speed, the interaction within the team and also the fact that we had two partners with us (Coristo and DSC Software AG) who integrate with IPD today. Coristo GmbH showed an extraordinary showcase how to model with a true systems engineering approach from a customer requirement down to the new product structure for an eScooter.

Net net we had two days of inspiring discussions which will bring our product forward and a great investment to always ensure that we meet the customer needs.