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Intelligent high-tech companies effectively use their data assets to achieve their desired outcomes faster. The challenge is to reimagine the business to generate new markets and revenue streams. For the high-tech industry this means Software is everywhere and everything. Everything is “technically enabled”. High-tech companies won’t sell products they will sell measurable results. Customer’s data will bel used to build individualized and offerings around traditional products. This will take place while supply chains get more complex and more unsecure.
To become an Intelligent Enterprise, businesses need to invest in three key areas:

  • an intelligent suite

  • intelligent technologies

  • and a digital platform.


SAP provides intelligent technologies with SAP Leonardo which offers capabilities that are embedded in the business core and industry applications. For high-tech companies we support intelligent scenarios in three different categories optimize, extend and transform. The highlighted innovations include:


  • Customer retention

  • Cash application

  • Product lifecycle costing

  • Service ticket intelligence


  • Sourcing simulation and optimization

  • Entitlement management

  • Predictive maintenance and service

  • Distributed manufacturing

  • Digital boardroom


  • Pay for outcome

  • Safeguarding semiconductors supply chain

Our SAP Point of View for Innovation in High Tech describes this topics in more details and explains how this fits to the overall trends we see in the high-tech industry.

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