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In case you missed the previous posts here the links:

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Now lets take a look how Web Intelligence 4.0 is able to leverage custom structures.



Our BEx Query shown above contains a key figure structure with four keyfigures - each keyfigure showing the revenue for a particular quarter.


Our characteristic structure shows our product areas - Laptops, Monitors, and PDA - with the speciality that I added a hierarchical "spin" here moving the PDA product area below Monitors.


After we established the connection in Web Intelligence 4.0 we can leverage the available meta-data from the underlying BEx query.



All four keyfigures are available with the actual numeric value, with the assigned Unit and as formatted value based on the user profile.


The characteristic structure (here PRODUCT_STRUCTURE) is available with a default hierarchy, in our example shown belo the element PRODUCT_STRUCTURE with the slighly hierarchical symbol.


After we added the default hierarchy for our characteristic structure into the list of result objects we can leverage the member selector and are able to see the complete list of structure elements and can decide which structure elements are being used for our report.



In addition you can see that the hierarchical nature of the custom structure is leveraged as well.


In our report we can leverage the custom structure like any other elements and like before with the member selector the hierarchical nature of the structure is leveraged as part of the report as well.



I hope this quick showcase of a custom structure created as part of a BEx query used in Web Intelligence 4.0 helps you to understand some of the upcoming capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 in combination with SAP NetWeaver BW.