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SAP Cloud Integration version 6.40.** comes with new feature, where in one can import Datatype and Messagetype objects from On Premise PI/PO ESR to SAP Cloud Integration.Once the Messagetype artifacts are available in an Integration Package of SAP Cloud Integration, they can be added as Referenced Resources are then can be referenced as Source and Target message in Message Mapping.

This feature is available only in SAP Integration Suite standard and above service plans.

For details on how to import MessageType objects from On premise PI/PO ESR system to SAP Cloud Integration, please refer to the following blog :


MessageType Consumption In Message Mapping

1. Create a new Integration Package or open an existing one and click on Edit

2. Create a new Message Mapping artifact as shown below:

Open the newly created Message Mapping artifact and click on Edit.

In the Resources section on the left side, switch to the References tab and Expand "Add References" dropdown. Select "Message Type" from the drop down.

A dialog listing the Message Type artifacts from the current package is displayed.You can also select multiple packages and view the list of Message Type artfifacts present in those packages.

Select a Message Type and click OK. The selected Message Type gets added to the

Now the added Reference can be used as Source and target message.To add a Source Message,Click on "Add Source Message" and switch to the Referenced Resources. The Message Type that are added in Resources -->References section are listed .

Select an entry. Follow similar procedure to Add Target Message.

Once the Source and Target Messages are added,Save the mapping as a version.

With this a Message Mapping artifact is created using a Messagetype .The message mapping can further be deployed or used as a flow step in an Integration Flow.


SAP Cloud Integration – with version 6.40.** release – opens up the opportunities for you to bring your PI/PO re-usable message type objects into Cloud Integration and enrich your integration scenarios .

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog 🙂