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Later this month SAP Press will publish a book I co-wrote with Shilpa Vij and Piyush Gakhar on SAP Integration Suite. For Piyush and myself this is our first book experience, whereas Shilpa Vij 's previous work includes SAP Press book on SAP API Management

Shilpa, Piyush and myself were inspired to write our book to capture some of the lessons we've learnt over the past decade relating to integration's central role in helping companies achieve their digital transformation goals.

We wanted to take a holistic approach to the integration topic, by covering the multiple integration technologies available to companies, and how taking different technology-based approaches can enable seamless dynamic information flows across organizations (facilitating and empowering data access and real-time use for both internal and external stakeholders).

Integration is so important in terms of getting digital transformation projects done right because integration enables secure, efficient and scalable data access and use across eco-systems and process stakeholders. The book's format enabled us to articulate in-depth best-practices for implementing and managing integration practices within modern IT organizations, including customer-based examples.

In the book we provide end-to-end guidance for Integration optimization covering architecture, governance, operations and implementation. The book provides specific guidance for many Integration areas including how to leverage pre-packaged integration flows, strategies for API-led hybrid heterogenous landscapes and the growing use of AI/ML capabilities.

Besides the book’s core technical content, the book also include sections relating to market trends, customer implementation examples and blueprints. We also cover available advisory programs, methodology initiatives and anticipated future capabilities.

In the age of cloud, hybrid heterogenous landscapes have only exacerbated the need for seamless, flexible and easy to use Integration capabilities. Companies around the globe are increasingly seeking to enable digital business processes leveraging data from multiple sources in real-time. This is why we thought the timing was right to publish this book.

As authors we wanted to provide those in an integration centric role a comprehensive guide to SAP Integration Suite that provides them with a combination of our perspectives along with specific hands-on guidance so readers are able to optimize their own IT landscapes using SAP Integration Suite.

Here is the link to SAP Press' information page for the SAP Integration Suite publication. To get 15% off use code SAPIS15

My only regret is we won't be able to hold a celebratory book release party!