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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M) provides a systematic and guided approach to the design and execution of your enterprise integration strategy. For this purpose, the methodology includes integration patterns, architecture blueprints, and additional best practices for cloud and hybrid landscapes.

To make it easier for you to explore and use this methodology we just released a detailed documentation about ISA-M at SAP Help Portal which includes a new set of templates.

ISA-M documentation at SAP Help Portal

Consistent content structure

The documentation describes the concepts of the methodology in a well-structured fashion: For every phase its goal, deliverables and involved personas are outlined. Each phase is subdivided into steps which describe the context and how to perform the actual step: In most cases you will have the choice either to fill out one of the new template (.pptx, .xlsx, or .docx file) or to use the Integration Assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite. Integration Assessment is a tool-based approach for key parts of ISA-M which includes SAP delivered recommendations about when to use which integration technology. For more information about Integration Assessment you may check out my blog post Integration Assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite is general available now.

New set of templates for applying ISA-M

The documentation of ISA-M provides you the following benefits compared to the previous MS Powerpoint template-based offering (> 150 slides):

  • More context information and explanations, including a glossary

  • A content structure that is easier to consume with option to get an overview or to dive into the details of a specific topic

  • Option to choose a templates-based and/or a tool-based approach using the Integration Assessment capability with SAP Integration Suite

  • A set of “real” templates to fill out that are assigned to the steps of the methodology

  • Direct access to the methodology including download of templates

  • Option to download the full documentation of ISA-M as PDF file

  • Option to rate topics of the documentation

This documentation, including the new set of templates, is defined as version 5.0 of ISA-M.

The road ahead

When browsing through the documentation of ISA-M you may notice that some parts of the previous ISA-M version (version 4.0 with >150 slides) are not included, for instance the positioning of SAP technologies (“when to use what” guidance). We plan to publish such information soon at SAP Help Portal, too, aiming at a clearer separation of the concepts of ISA-M and SAP product specific guidance. In the interim you may refer to the Integration Guide for Cloud and Hybrid Landscapes and the Integration Assessment capability within SAP Integration Suite which includes SAP integration technology recommendations, too.

For the new templates we also plan to provide you versions with prefilled sample content which makes it easier for you to understand the purpose of each template and to adjust the content according to your needs.

Looking back

The first version of ISA-M has been released roughly ten years ago. Its scope has been continuously enriched and updated by releasing seven versions till then. And it became a key part of SAP’s integration strategy in context of the Intelligent Enterprise. Over the course of the years the methodology’s community grew to more than 2,8k customers, partners and SAP consultants.

However, the previous PPT template-based offering has reached its limit: The ever-growing number of slides made it hard for you to consume and apply the methodology and didn’t allow us to update and grow its scope in a more agile fashion. Now it is time to take ISA-M together to the next level 🙂

What’s missing?

Share with us your proposals for enhancing ISA-M: Do you miss any important integration topic? Are you looking for a deep dive regarding specific topics? Share your feedback by leaving a comment to this blog post.

Happy integrating, Yours Katrin