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During our upcoming SAP Innovation Day for Partners on November 20th 2019, I will covering the topic of Data Monetization.

I have spend many years on Data Management, Protection, Integration, Security, and Big Data. Data Monetization is the most exciting dimension of all things data, because it is about the business opportunity.

We should always think about the business purpose of a data-centric solution first, which, related to SAP's Solution Partners, is undeniably linked to the opportunity to make money. What you intend to build, how you plan to go to market, and how you balance custom development vs. sourcing off the shelf software, should always start with the consideration of monetization. The whole value chain has to fit together and make sense.

All too often, I hear developers describe with excitement an app or function they find worth while to code. The question of how you will monetize your data solution is pushed to the side, although it is the most important at the beginning. This question (if answered objectively) will inform you about your target market, security and compliance requirements, how your target audience (persona) will use the solution, and what their preferences are. It does not require a business degree to go through this thought-process, and will safe you from making costly mistakes in your endeavor.

I will be covering

  • Market Opportunity

  • What Data Monetization is and how to categorize it

  • Successful examples of Data Monetization

  • Best practice defining your approach

  • Which tools of the SAP portfolio can kick start your solution

So, please join me for the session "What is it that Makes Your Customer’s Data so Valuable - How Data Monetization Scenarios Create new Opportunities for Partners" to help you start your data driven solution development the right way.,

I am looking forward to see you there.