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You can boil INTURN’s corporate philosophy down to four proverbial words: Waste not, want not.

The company’s SAP industry cloud solution, INTURN 360, is all about minimizing waste – and boosting profits – by acting as a centralized system of record for managing slow-moving and excess inventory. It has found fans across many industries.

INTURN 360’s integration with SAP industry cloud is central to the solution’s value proposition, says Charlie Ifrah, INTURN’s co-founder and chief product evangelist.

“SAP optimizes the supply chain and the selling process, and INTURN addresses the white space in the sale of slow-moving and excess inventory,” Ifrah says. “The INTURN partnership is consistent with SAP’s strategy to build an ecosystem of partners who extend the core platform and functionality.”

Uniliver’s experience illustrates the power such partnerships can bring. With INTURN, the consumer-products giant saw 75% time-savings in inventory-file manipulation, a 29% reduction in steps to the manual selling process, a 36% decrease in offer duration, and a $6.5 million increase is annual sales. Ifrah says that, broadly speaking, INTURN customers get their slow-moving, obsolete, and excess inventory to market 10 times faster while cutting the costs of that process by 85% and improving project margins by at least 10%.

The holistic, instantaneous view into inventory enabled by a single centralized system erases the double-sell problem (that is, inadvertently selling the same excess inventory to two customers at the same time), which is frustrating to customers and salespeople alike.

“INTURN gives each salesperson on a team the exact, real-time visibility of what inventory is being presented to whom and at what time. It’s a massive efficiency move for a company,” Ifrah says.

He adds that INTURN 360’s ease of use and streamlined workflow improves sales-force productivity and employee satisfaction.

INTURN 360 harnesses machine learning and AI to predict what inventory is most likely to become slow-moving. It also suggests where that inventory should be stored, whom it should be presented to, at what quantities, and at what price.

“It allows you to see these opportunities before a human may be able to recognize those patterns,” Ifrah says.

The result is faster-moving inventory and improved margin recovery, Ifrah says. INTURN 360 also protects the brand, and, critically, reduces waste.

“A lot of customers are trying to achieve their ESG and sustainability goals, and the INTURN platform really allows them to achieve those goals,” he says. “Many in the past have resorted to the destruction of goods. We help you reduce that waste and give those products additional life.”

It’s just a matter of harnessing INTURN 360 and SAP to present that “waste” to those who really do want it.