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Tim Fuller, EY Global SAP Go-to-Market Leader, has a straightforward explanation about why his organization, a long-time SAP partner, is investing heavily in developing solutions for SAP Industry cloud. 

“It aligns with what EY clients are asking from us,” Fuller says, “and it gives us the innovation platform and the cloud capability, delivered by SAP, to take our unique intellectual property and build solutions that add more ROI for our clients.” 

Fuller says EY clients are done with “long, drawn-out, expensive ERP implementations.” What they want, he says, is a roadmap that outlines the steps for an agile transformation – and ensures a solid return on investment along the way.  

A common refrain: “Where can we transform based on our industry requirements and all of the solutions that are being built around the world that their own customers want to be able to use?” Fuller says. 

EY teams are building both industry-specific solutions – apps, if you will – for SAP Industry cloud, as well as broad-based solutions that integrate into SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP). The platform’s combining of a highly standardized, time-tested SAP core with great flexibility for incorporating edge solutions allows EY teams to bring its formidable experience to bear for clients more uniformly than used to be possible – often because it involved a lot of custom development. 

“That combination never really existed in the past, and that’s why this is taking off at such a rapid pace for us and SAP – and especially for clients,” Fuller says. 

EY industry-focused solutions for SAP industry cloud include ones for banking, insurance, energy (including both utilities and oil and gas providers), and life-science companies. 

As industry-specific examples, Fuller notes EY Nexus insurance-industry solution and, for life-science companies, Pointellis. As an example of a cross-industry solution harnessing such EY strengths as risk management, fraud, sustainability, and tax, Fuller cites EY Agile Tax. 

Fuller admits that tax is not the first topic that typically comes to mind when the conversation turns to digital transformation. But the EY Agile Tax cloud solution helps manage and reduce the tax liability around transfer pricing and the taxation it creates, Fuller says, adding that, in Europe, GST and VAT tax reduction as well as legal-entity determination, “can literally fund a substantial portion of, if not all of, the cost of a transformation program.”  

“We’re working hard to include the tax capability we have as an organization and mix it into the cloud solutions that we provide through industry cloud to drive tax benefit for clients that can help pay for the transformation programs,” he says. 

EY teams’ views BTP and SAP industry cloud as ideal vehicles for applying his organization’s unique intellectual property and knowledge to clients’ business needs and providing that value much more quickly than possible before.  

“SAP can’t do everything; EY can't do everything. But in the industries and areas where we have deep domain expertise, we build solutions in the cloud for clients that take the customer farther than they can go with SAP software on its own,” Fuller says.  


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