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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Objective - This blog explains how SAP's Industry Cloud Solutions Portfolio connects with BTP and how the future Architecture is expected to transform.

The blog talks about extensibility using SAP BTP.

SAP Industry Cloud Solution portfolio cuts across many industries. The Portfolio contains many industry solutions built by SAP and Partner.

Intelligent Enterprise Definition

Intelligent Sutstainable Enterprise

Industry Cloud is part of the Intelligent enterprise or in other sense we can say it extends Intelligent Enterprise Coverage.


Industry Cloud

To check the offering of the industry cloud from SAP please click here. It is important to understand what industry cloud offers to customers.

Let's understand very clearly that SAP Industry Cloud is a public cloud solution and a customer with above solution scope has specific extensibility Guidelines provided around SAP Business Technology Platform.

Before we move ahead please understand following terminologies.

SAP Partner Solution Progression

SAP PartnerEdge Build

Your industry cloud solution build must have commercial model based on SAP Partner solution progression and engagement model should be SAP PartnerEdge Build.

Technology platform should be SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry, Kyama or ABAP.

  • If it is an extension application then it is possible that you can use the extension approach recommended for S4 HANA Cloud.

    • Extensibility

      • There are four approaches recommended to achieve extensibility.

        • VDM and CDS views

          • They are Easy to Consume because they expose data in a business defined way. (Analytical applications and API

        • Key user Extensibility

          • Used to customize applications and their UIs, reports, email templates, and form templates

        • Developer Extensibility

          • User this approach when extensibility is like a project. (only possible in a 3 tier landscape)

        • Side by Side Extensibility

          • For dependent extension or a custom application

    • Integration

      • A term MDI which has been very popular with other terms like ODM is what we are referring to here.

      • There are various other integration scenarios defined as well.

      • Integration with On Premise

      • Workflow Management

      • SAP Task Center

    • List of API for integration

Talking of Architectural principals of extensibility for SAP S4 HANA Public Cloud

  • Follow Cloud Native Computing Foundation Guidelines

  • Make sure there is sufficient Elasticity in the solution. If you are using Cloud Foundry then make your self aware of Application Autoscaler. An approach that will help application provide same level of service despite any load. In case of using other application as well there are guidelines from cloud native computing approach.

  • Resilience is the key to the application, application must run irrespective of dependent application going down in simple words. SAP BTS offers best practices to drive resilience among application. You are refer to resilience software design using BTP for more information.

  • Predefined performance parameters must be followed in case of application performance parameter which is detailed out in the link provided above.

  • Architecture principal has important guidelines around Tanent Isolation, Availability, Modularity and Reuse and resource efficiency.

Development Guidelines

  • For User Interface Fiori Guidlines is the way to go. User experience is key hence falling in line with Fiori will be beneficial.

  • Environment options available for Industry Cloud Solution are

    • Cloud Foundry

    • Kyma

    • ABAP

  • For Integration refer to above documentation of SAP Cloud Integration Strategy.

  • Commercial Details around usage / billing is part of Usage Metering

Compliance is as per SAP's Trust Center

Do read Commercial Offerings.

Above content is a very high level visibility of what SAP industry Cloud has to offer and how extensibility can be achieved using various options.

I will be enhancing this article regularly as we move ahead with SAP Business Technology Platform on the SAP Industry Cloud Journey.




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