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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As announced in my previous blog post, SAP IDM Customer Connection 2021: Extended and Delivered, we selected five additional improvement requests to work on in 2022.

Two have already been completed – let’s take a closer look at these requests and the benefits they create for SAP IDM customers.

Improve transport capabilities for packages

This improvement request describes a common issue when packages are exported from one system and imported into another. The dispatcher attached to jobs and tasks within the source system doesn’t always match the name of the dispatcher in the target system, creating error messages or random dispatcher assignments. The same problem can occur if there is a reference to a missing identity store.

SAP Note 3194957 - IDM: Package transport is enhanced to detect and warn of imported jobs provides a solution.

Before the package import is finished, a warning dialog is displayed in the SAP Identity Management Developer Studio in case there was an issue during the process. It provides information about the occurred issues with processes and jobs/action tasks. It informs the administrator about missing event processes and forms, and about missing dispatchers.

All warning messages are written to the NWA logs, allowing for easy searches after the import is completed.

The new warning dialog can help you identify issues that occurred with jobs and action tasks by listing missing dispatchers or identity stores. You can easily select the correct identity stores and assign the appropriate dispatchers to the affected jobs/action tasks in the target system.

Support of Notification Task in Approval Task of type basic

This improvement request describes a missing functionality related to approvals. Until now, approval tasks with type “Basic” didn’t support the embedded notification task. Now, you have the option to configure all notification messages for all approval types. This avoids the problem of forgetting pending assignments.

SAP Note 3157813 - Support for Notification Tasks in Approval Task of type Basic contains a link to the patch required to support notifications for the approval type “Basic”.

The last three improvement requests related to the IDM Customer Connection program will be delivered over the course of the year – stay tuned and check the SAP IDM Community for updates!