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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As announced in my previous blog post, SAP IDM Customer Connection 2021: Extended and Delivered, we selected five additional improvement requests to work on in 2022. We completed two this summer – for details, check my September blog – and now delivered the remaining three improvements

Let’s take a closer look at them!

Add download functionality for tables

This improvement request describes missing export capabilities for tables displayed in IDM UIs. Once downloaded into CSV files, customers could compare, analyze and audit data with external tools.

SAP Note 3254273 - Enhancing most of the tables in IDM UIs with export functionality allows you to export data from most of the displayed tables in IDM UIs into a ".csv" format and save it locally.

When exporting a given table, the selected filtering and column ordering will be preserved in the way that they are currently configured. The table export uses the data that is already available in the IDM UI; no further requests to the IDM database are needed.

Add “Approve with validity” option in the SAP Identity Management REST API

This improvement request and its solution described in SAP Note 3233401 - Add Approve with validity option in the Identity Management REST API allows you to change the validity of approvals in both the REST API and the SAP Identity Management UI. It introduces the new parameters 'NewValidFrom' and 'NewValidTo'. You can use them separately or in combination, depending on which validity value you would like to change. This new feature enhances your UIs based on REST API v2.

Change the validity of multiple roles for a user at the same time

In this improvement request, we were asked to provide a standard solution for changing the validity for multiple roles of a user at the same time, instead of changing them one by one.

To deliver the missing functionality, we added a new button “Change Validity” in the Identity Management User Interface for the attributes MX_ASSIGNMENT, MXREF_MX_ROLE, and MXREF_MX_PRIVILEGE. This new feature allows you to create a request for a validity change of all selected direct assignments in the table simultaneously.

For details, please check SAP Note 3282726 - SAP standard solution for simultaneous change of multiple roles validity of a use...

The delivery of these three improvement requests concludes the 2021/2022 SAP Customer Connection program for SAP Identity Management. Thank you all for participating and supporting us with your input and feedback!

2021/2022 SAP IDM Customer Connection: Overview of Delivered Improvement Requests

Request ID



SAP Note 

260972 “Check where used” for package scripts Devstudio 3123523
260724 Visualize disabled tasks in process flow diagram Devstudio 3081286
260484 IDM Dev Studio improvement: allow to copy/paste multiple rows in passes Devstudio 3048161
260436 Schedule a job or task without package checkout Devstudio 3058298
261846 Enhancement of add links and relink to package scripts Devstudio 3061300
260493 IDM Dev studio improvements for attribute handling Devstudio 3108529
260843 Enhance REST API “TaskCollection” REST API 3066367
260471 Eclipse: Allow to copy/poste of move action tasks from one process to another Devstudio 3083807
260485 Eclipse – Enable DnD to Reorder Passes in Jobs Devstudio 3113538
261441 Show lock datetime in tab general of packages Devstudio 3046248
260428 Enhance IDM REST API /Decision: Delegate approval request REST API 3119996
260793 Support for MS SQL 2017/2019 PAM 3069156
261649 Default sorting required for assigned entries WebDynpro 3058966
262096 Improve Eclipse plugin Devstudio 3062139
260476 Switch uSendSMTPMessage to JavaEE Mail API Notifications 3108059
261015 sending of multiple attachements via one E-Mail Notifications 3108059
262302 Secured email for sending user password Notifications 3108059
260492 Provide SMTP Authentication capabilities Notifications 3108059
260491 Default TLS 1.2 Encryption for Notification Notifications 3108059
260470 IDM UI: Add download functionality for Tables Web Dynpro UIs 3254273
260746 Improve transport capabilities for packages Development studio 3194957
260464 Support of Notification Task in Approval Task of type basic Notifications 3157813
260483 SAP standard solution to change the validity of multiple roles for a user at the same time Web Dynpro UIs 3282726
261987 Assignment approval options via REST service REST API 3233401


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