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SAP HANA is an application platform.  You can build applications on top of HANA to answer some complex questions. But you may have these questions: "I've bought HANA, what's next?", “I have an idea to use HANA, how can I start?”, “I am busy, how could I test new ideas on SAP HANA?”, “I want to know more about HANA. How do I start it quickly?”

With the different challenges customers face, many might stop their creative ideas, for example, the shortage of specialized skills or people to move innovation forward; or the lack of diverse knowledge, or internal boundaries that hinder wider innovation opportunities.

Don’t worry, SAP is here to help. Today, at SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2013, Vishal announced the “SAP Idea Incubator” program to help launch your ideas. This idea incubator program tries to leverage non-SAP innovators to build a working prototype for customers' edge ideas, so that the customers can get multiple diverse working prototypes to start using SAP HANA.

This program will collect our customers’ ideas about using SAP HANA to build net-new applications.  Moreover, this program will invite innovators who are working in the fields of computer algorithms, data sciences, or statistics to build a working prototype for your edge idea.

With this program, customers can brainstorm their implementation strategies with diverse group of innovators. It can help customers:

1.       Explore the technical feasibility of the innovation ideas for HANA.

2.       Tap into an innovator community with diverse backgrounds (e.g. data mining, computer science, natural language processing, or statistics) to augment your in-house team.

3.       Enjoy the benefits of crowd-sourcing while controlling confidentiality and IP interests.

In another side, innovators get the opportunity to work with SAP customers to implement real business ideas. SAP will provide necessary support to build prototypes using SAP HANA.  This program can help our innovators:

1.       Build up personal skill, knowledge, and expertise to prototype real customers’ ideas.

2.       Help job hunting with substantial resume and multiple successful prototyping experience.

3.       Understand and master the essential of SAP HANA technology and apply HANA knowledge to help business.

Now, we are sharing six ideas, as shown in the following diagram.

Let’s look at the first idea.  This is an innovation idea from the University of Kentucky. Now, the University is using more and more on-line learning tools which can track the students’ behaviors, such as class participation, homework submissions, on-line forums, or even online quizzes. With the use of more data, it is trying to find a personalized education path for each student, and recommend how each student can improve their learning.   The second idea is from IBM and J&J, they are looking for a HANA tool prototype to support HANA models copy & paste.  To do that, you may want to know more about more details about HANA modeling.  Interesting?  For more ideas and details, please check this website: Look for those published ideas.  Join in, share your ideas, or submit proposals for the ideas you like. Start your HANA experience from here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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