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The new SAP Help Portal has been out for three months now. You may already know all about the new layout and search functions that it introduced, but did you know it also introduced the opportunity to give feedback? You can now offer direct feedback on all of SAP’s product documentation: just open a topic and look at the sidebar (on the right) to find the feedback form.

The feedback form consists of only one required question: was this topic helpful? If you found a topic unhelpful, you can choose from premade selections as to why you didn’t like it. Including additional details in the comment box helps us to further understand what can be improved, such as what part of the topic was confusing or what problem you were hoping the topic would help you to solve. Providing feedback is fast and completely anonymous.

Remember, the documentation is there to help you: if you find a topic particularly useful, let us know what it is you liked so that we can improve other topics. We want both sides of the coin: positive feedback and constructive criticism. Let us know specifically what you want to see added or changed! If you can’t find a topic with the information that you’re looking for, just leave a comment on any existing topic letting us know that there is a gap in the documentation. We look at all feedback received and take it into account for future documentation changes.


Check out the SAP Help Portal to let us know where you were left with questions, and where you found your answers.