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In the upcoming weeks we will be posting new videos to the SAP HANA Academy to show new features and functionality introduced with SAP HANA Support Package Stack (SPS) 12.

For the complete list of blogs see: What's New with SAP HANA SPS 12 - by the SAP HANA Academy

The topic of this blog is performance monitoring.

For the SPS 11 version, see SAP HANA SPS 11 What's New: Performance Monitoring - by the SAP HANA Academy.

What's New?

SAP HANA Performance Monitoring Apps

SAP HANA Performance Monitoring is a new tile catalog available in SAP HANA cockpit with the deployment of the new Workload Replay delivery unit.

In this tile catalog, three new apps have been included:

  • Capture Workload
  • Replay Workload
  • Analyze Workload

Capturing and replaying workloads from an SAP HANA system can help you evaluate potential impacts on performance or stability after a change in hardware or software configuration.

Possible use cases are:

  • Hardware change
  • SAP HANA revision upgrade
  • SAP HANA INI parameter change
  • Table partitioning change
  • Index change
  • Landscape reorganization for SAP HANA scale-out systems

For a complete overview, see Capturing and Replaying Workloads - by the SAP HANA Academy

Tutorial Video

SAP HANA Academy - SAP HANA SPS 12: What's New? - Capture and Replay Workloads - YouTube

SAP HANA Administration Apps

Several apps in the SAP HANA Database Administration catalog of the SAP HANA cockpit have been enhanced for performance monitoring features.

Performance Monitor

Select Export All in the footer bar in the Performance Monitor app to export KPI data as a single data set. This ZIP file can be imported into the new Support app (Support Tools tile). You can also save your own set of KPIs using the new variant Custom, and select Show Jobs to display jobs above the load graph to show which jobs had an effect on your system performance.

Import and Export of Performance Data for Support Process

To analyze and diagnose database problems, you can now import performance monitor data from a ZIP file into SAP HANA cockpit. You can export data using the Performance Monitor app.


You can now monitor for long-running threads and analyze quickly any blocking situation using the Threads app. The tile indicates the number of currently active and blocked threads.

Statements Monitor

The Monitor Statements tile indicates the number of long-running statements and blocking situations. The app displays information about the memory consumption of statements. New for SPS 12 is that Memory Tracking can be enabled or disabled in the footer bar. Memory tracking is required for Workload Management.

Workload Management Configuration

Manage all workload classes using the new Workload Classes app. Workload classes and workload class mappings can be created to configure workload management for the SAP HANA database. Memory tracking needs to be enabled for workload management.


A new paragraph has been added to the SAP HANA Troubleshooting and Performance Guide about network performance and connectivity problems.

The following topics are addressed:

  • Network Performance Analysis on Transactional Level
  • Stress test with SAP's NIPING tool to confirm the high network latency (or bandwidth exhaustion)
  • Application and Database Connectivity Analysis
  • SAP HANA System Replication Communication Problems
  • Analysis steps to resolve SAP HANA inter-node communication issues

Additional Information

Help Portal: SAP HANA Platform Core SPS 12

SAP Notes

SCN Blogs

Capturing and Replaying Workloads - by the SAP HANA Academy


Thank you for watching

The SAP HANA Academy provides free online video tutorials for the developers, consultants, partners and customers of SAP HANA.

Topics range from practical how-to instructions on administration, data loading and modeling, and integration with other SAP solutions, to more conceptual projects to help build out new solutions using mobile applications or predictive analysis.

For the full library, see SAP HANA Academy Library - by the SAP HANA Academy.

For the full list of blogs, see Blog Posts - by the SAP HANA Academy.