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In the upcoming weeks we will be posting new videos to the SAP HANA Academy to show new features and functionality introduced with SAP HANA Support Package Stack (SPS) 12.

The topic of this blog is backup and recovery.

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Tutorial Video

SAP HANA Academy - SAP HANA SPS 12: What's New? - Backup and Recovery - YouTube

What's New?

Schedule Data Backups (SAP HANA Cockpit)

You can now schedule complete data backups or delta backups to run at specific intervals using the Backup tile of the SAP HANA cockpit. Backup scheduling relies on the XS Job Scheduler and requires the SAP HANA database to be up and running.

For each schedule, you define backup and destination type, prefix and destination.

The schedule requires a name, start time, and recurrence: daily, weekly, monthly with time.

Schedules listing with PAUSE || button. Once created, schedules cannot be modified (only deleted).

Estimated Backup Size (SAP HANA Cockpit)

When you create a backup, SAP HANA Cockpit now also displays the estimated backup size. This feature was earlier available in SAP HANA studio.

By toggling between the backup types, you can easily compare the estimated backup sizes of complete, incremental and differential backups.

You can view the backup prefix in the Backup Overview page.

Resuming an Interrupted Recovery

As of SPS 12, it is possible to resume an interrupted recovery, instead of repeating the entire recovery from the beginning. For this you need to have both a full backup with - optionally delta backups and - log backups.

During a recovery, SAP HANA automatically defines fallback points, which mark the point after which it is possible to resume a recovery. The fallback points are recorded in backup.log, which indicate whether it is possible to resume a recovery.

The Log Replay Interval is configurable [global.ini: log_recovery_resume_point_interval = [18000 - 0; default = 1800s].

Note that it is normally only necessary to resume a recovery in exceptional circumstances.

Recovery Enhancements

As of SPS 12, it is now possible to

  • recover an SAP HANA database using a combination of a storage snapshot and delta backups (incremental and differential backups)

  • reconstruct the SAP HANA backup catalog using file-based delta data backups

  • identify a specific data backup by specifying backup destination, prefix, and SID (when using BACKINT in case that the backup catalog is not available)


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