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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

This blog is part of the larger series on all new developer features in SAP HANA SPS 09:

There are several major enhancements to the XS and developer related admin tools in SAP HANA SPS 09. In this blog we will explore the visual redesign of the XSAdmin tools as well the structural changes to the SAP Web Dispatcher.

SAP Web Dispatcher

The SAP Web Dispatcher has long (since SPS 03) been the embedded web server for SAP HANA.  However its actual administration and integration into the HANA tools has been pretty lacking.  Before SPS 09 if you want to configure or monitor the SAP Web Dispatcher you had to resort to direct OS access of the HANA system.  This all changes is SPS 09 as the local SAP Web Dispatcher is now fully integrated into the SAP HANA Process Management framework.  This means that monitoring, configuration, and administration call all be done via the HANA Studio or web tooling which runs from an XS endpoint.

From a monitoring standpoint we can view the Web Dispatcher from the HANA Landscape view of the HANA Studio.

However this also means that configuration parameters can now be made from the HANA Studio tools as well:

The SAP Web Dispatcher has long had its own web based administration and monitoring tool.  Now this tool is directly accessible via an XS endpoint.  The URL path for this admin tool is /sap/hana/xs/wdisp/admin/public/

XS Admin Tool

When originally introduced several SPSs ago, the XS Admin tool was primarily intended to allow for the advanced configuration of XSACCESS points. Since then it has grown in scope to include job schedule, SMTP and SAML configuration as well as receive a major visual design overhaul in SPS 09.

SAP has decided to adopt the Fiori visual design for all the web based Administration tools in HANA and the XS Admin too is no different.

Another area of major redesign in the XS Admin tool is around job scheduling.  In SPS 07 we introduced XSJobs and had the ability to administer or monitor a single job from the XS Admin tool. New in SPS 09 by frequent request is a single Job Dashboard that allows you to monitor the status of all jobs in a HANA system.  It can be directly accessed from the url: /sap/gaba/xs/admin/jobs/ or runs as integrated part of the XS Admin tool.

From the Job Dashboard we can drill into the details of a single job definition.

Logon and Self Service

The Form Logon Screen receives several new features in SPS 09 as well. This includes new self service tools for resetting passwords and requesting new accounts.

For example you can now set a custom background image for the Form Logon Screen via the xsengine.ini -> httpserver parameter.

There is a new self service application to reset passwords.

And a new self service to request a new user account.


Also there is an Admin tool where you can monitor and approve or reject these user account requests.


Finally there is a stand alone self service appliation to allow users to set their user profile preferences such as date or time format.