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Product and Topic Expert

LATEST UPDATE: September 1, 2020 =========================================

The SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Service will be retired in 2021. For more information, see

For the latest information about SAP HANA database-as-a-service, visit our blog post series about SAP HANA Cloud:


Recently, we have added 12 new videos on the security topic for the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Service.

The videos have been included on several playlist so it should not be too difficult to find them.

However, we know that some of our viewers prefer to watch the videos in a clear sequence. For your convenience, below the full series with pointers to the sub-topic blogs for more information.

Thanks for watching.


For the blog about getting started with the SAP HANA Service, see

For the blog about getting started with SCP, see

For more information about security in SAP Cloud Platform, see



Code Samples

For the code samples on GitHub, see

Tutorial Videos

YouTube Playlist(s)

The tutorials has been posted to the following playlists:

Data Storage and Network Security

Learn how you can create encryption root key backups and how to access your keys. Network security and the Instance and SystemPKI SSFS are also covered.

Backup and Recovery

Short discussion on the Backup topic for the SAP HANA Service.

User and Role Management

Short overview about User and Role Management for the SAP HANA Service.

More in-depth video about your options for authentication en SSO.

More in-depth video about authorization.

How to manage your certificates for SAML.

Secure Client Connections

Four videos about how to configure the SAP HANA client for the SAP HANA Service on Windows, macOS, and Linux for ODBC, JDBC, Python, and other supported clients for the built-in SSL/TLS encryption provider and the SAP CommonCryptoLib.

Data Masking

Short demonstration of the Data Masking feature using the Database Explorer. Data Masking is not specific to the SAP HANA Service and its implementation is identical.


Short discussion on the Auditing topic for the SAP HANA Service.


For the documentation, see

Thank you for watching

The SAP HANA Academy provides free online video tutorials for the developers, consultants, partners and customers of SAP HANA.

Topics range from practical how-to instructions on administration, data loading and modeling, and integration with other SAP solutions, to more conceptual projects to help build out new solutions using mobile applications or predictive analysis.

For the full library, see SAP HANA Academy Library - by the SAP HANA Academy.

For the full list of blogs, see Blog Posts - by the SAP HANA Academy.