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We are very happy to announce that SAP HANA Rules Framework 1.00 SP11 is now available!

Here is the main highlight of this release:

Vocbualry Rules (on XS Advanced)

The HRF Analytical engine now supports vocabulary rules (previously known as "Aliases") to enrich its HANA execution capabilities. Vocabulary rules enable the exposure of a decision table as a language entity (data object) and enable its usage from within other decision tables. Future releases of SAP products will be able to leverage vocabulary rules capabilities.

For further details about these changes and to find out about additional changes that may require further action from you, especially if you are performing an upgrade, see the SAP HRF guides.

Note that SAP HRF modeling tools (on HANA Studio) are not supported with the XS Advanced components.

For more information, see the SAP HANA Rules Framework guides for XS Advanced, and SAP note 2455694.

Naturally rules on XS Classic are also supported by this version (on HANA with XSC offcourse). For more information, see the SAP HANA Rules Framework guides for XS Classic, and SAP note 2455694.
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