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We are very happy to announce that SAP HANA Rules Framework 1.00 SP09 is now available!
Here are the main highlights of this release:

Regular expressions

A new advanced function – regular expression - allows you to find occurrences of regular expression patterns and the number of times the pattern occurs in a given string. The regular expression pattern can be any hard-coded string that follows the Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) patterns. The pattern can contain any character, but cannot be an attribute.

Examples of expressions using such patterns:

○ name of the customer contains pattern ''j\w' '

○ number of occurrences containing pattern 'Mr.' in the name of all customers is greater than 3

To use this functionality, the developer/implementer has to declare advanced string matching in the vocabulary file. For more details see HRF SP09 Development and Implementation Guide.

Semicolon separator

In some functions used in the rule expression language (REL), the comma separator has been changed to semicolon (;) in order to support different localizations (which use the comma in different ways). The functions are:

○ concatenate, per, exists in, does not exist in, round

Rules with the above functions that were already created with comma separator can still be used (full backward compatibility).

S/4 HANA analytic rules scenario
(which is available since HRF SP08, with NW 7.51 for S/4HANA or AS ABAP, and SAP UI add-on 3.0 for NW /UI5 1.40), is enhanced with  the following functionalities:

Timezone support

Time is calculated based on the logged-in client’s locale settings.

Localization support

Formats of date, time, and numbers are now displayed based on the client’s locale settings. The exceptions are Islamic and Japanese date formats, which are displayed with a Gregorian calendar based on the ISO format that is supported by SAP HANA: yyyy-mm-dd.

Compiling services on XSA

On SAP HANA 2.0 a new application server SAP HANA XS Advanced (XSA) is going to replace the current application server SAP HANA XS Classic (XSC/XS). In order to enable this transition for HRF, we have added a new software component that introduces the ability to compile specific rule scenarios on SAP HANA XS Advanced (XSA). The scenarios are listed as part of the solutions that use them, such as SAP S/4HANA, etc.

For further details, please refer to SAP note 2374762 and to SAP HANA Rules Framework‘s official documentation on SAP Service Marketplace