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By Dr. Ismail Oukid


2018 has been a successful year for the SAP HANA research team with many research results that promise a bright future for SAP HANA. Several of these results have been published in top-tier peer-reviewed research venues.
The publications range from core data management topics such as query processing, to more recent use cases such as graph processing, and even to software engineering topics such as improving the testing infrastructure for large software. Below is a selection of our publications in 2018:

  • Florian Wolf, Michael Brendle, Norman May, Paul. R. Willems, Kai-Uwe Sattler, Michael Grossniklaus: Robustness Metrics for Relational Query Execution Plans. VLDB '18 [Paper]

  • Robin Rehrmann, Carsten Binnig, Alexander Böhm, Ki Hong Kim, Wolfgang Lehner, Amr Rizk: OLTPShare: The Case for Sharing in OLTP Workloads. VLDB '18 [Paper]

  • Florian Wolf, Norman May, Paul R. Willems, Kai-Uwe Sattler: On the Calculation of Optimality Ranges for Relational Query Execution Plans. SIGMOD '18  [Paper]

  • Stefan Noll, Jens Teubner, Norman May, Alexander Böhm: Accelerating Concurrent Workloads with CPU Cache Partitioning. ICDE '18 [Paper]

  • Artur Andrzejak, Thomas Bach: Practical Amplification of Condition/Decision Test Coverage by Combinatorial Testing.  IWCT '18 [Paper]

  • Thomas Bach, Ralf Pannemans and Sascha Schwedes: Effects of an Economic Approach for Test Case Selection and Reduction for a Large Industrial Project. TAIC PART '18  [Paper]

  • Frank Tetzel, Hannes Voigt, Marcus Paradies, Romans Kasperovics, Wolfgang Lehner: Analysis of Data Structures Involved in RPQ Evaluation. DATA '18 [Paper]

For a comprehensive list of our publications, please visit: