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By Dr. Ismail Oukid

2017 has been an exciting year for the SAP HANA research team with high-quality research results, painting a promising future for SAP HANA. Several of these results has been published in top-tier peer-reviewed research venues.
The publications cover a wide range of topics, such as data management in the cloud, non-volatile memory, storage management, graph processing, and software testing. Below is a selection of our publications in 2018:

  • Mirjana Pavlovic, Kai-Niklas Bastian, Hinnerk Gildhoff, Anastasia Ailamaki: Dictionary Compression in Point Cloud Data Management. SIGSPATIAL. 2017.

  • Georgios Psaropoulos, Thomas Legler, Norman May, Anastasia Ailamaki: Interleaving with Coroutines: A Practical Approach for Robust Index Joins. PVLDB 11(2): 230-242 (2017)

  • Stefan Bäuerle, Alexander Böhm: Bridging the semantical gap between relational data and application-level business objects with core data services.  Invited talk. DBPL@VLDB 2017

  • Stefan Bäuerle, Alexander Böhm: Bringing computation to the data(base) with Core Data Services (CDS). LWDA 2017

  • Thomas Bach, Artur Andrzejak, Ralf Pannemans, and David Lo: The Impact of Coverage on Bug Density in a Large Industrial Software Project, 11th Int. Symp. on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM 2017), November 9-10, 2017, Toronto, Canada.

  • Ismail Oukid, Anisoara Nica, Daniel Dos Santos Bossle, Wolfgang Lehner, Peter Bumbulis, Thomas Willhalm: Adaptive Recovery for SCM-Enabled Databases. ADMS@VLDB 2017

  • Ismail Oukid, Daniel Booss, Adrien Lespinasse, Wolfgang Lehner, Thomas Willhalm, Grégoire Gomes:  Memory Management Techniques for Large-Scale Persistent-Main-Memory Systems. PVLDB10(11): 1166-1177 (2017)

  • Jan Broß, Simon Gog, Matthias Hauck and Marcus Paradies: Fast Construction of Compressed Web Graphs. SPIRE 2017

  • Marcus Paradies, Cornelia Kinder, Jan Bross, Thomas Fischer, Romans Kasperovics, and Hinnerk Gildhoff: GraphScript: Implementing Complex Graph Algorithms in SAP HANA. DBPL 2017

  • Lucas Lersch, Ismail Oukid, Ivan Schreter, Wolfgang Lehner: Rethinking DRAM Caching for LSMs in an NVRAM Environment. ADBIS 2017

  • Lucas Lersch, Ismail Oukid, Wolfgang Lehner, Ivan Schreter: Abstract: An Analysis of LSM Caching in NVRAM. DaMoN 2017

  • Ismail Oukid, Wolfgang Lehner: Tutorial: Data Structures Engineering For Byte-Addressable Non-Volatile Memory. SIGMOD 2017

  • Frank Tetzel, Hannes Voigt, Marcus Paradies, Wolfgang Lehner: An Analysis of the Feasibility of Graph Compression Techniques for Indexing Regular Path Queries. GRADES 2017

  • Matthias Hauck, Marcus Paradies, Holger Fröning: Can Modern Graph Processing Engines Run Concurrent Queries Efficiently? GRADES 2017

  • Ismail Oukid , Robert Kettler, Thomas Willhalm: Storage class memory and databases: Opportunities and challenges. it-Information Technology 2017.

  • Daniel Ritter, Norman May, Stefanie Rinderle-Ma: Patterns for Emerging Application Integration Scenarios: A Survey. Information Systems 2017.

  • Norman May, Alexander Boehm, Wolfgang Lehner: SAP HANA - The Evolution of an In-Memory DBMS from OLAP Processing Towards Mixed Workloads. BTW 2017

  • Michael Rudolf, Hannes Voigt, Wolfgang Lehner: SPARQLytics: Multidimensional Analytics for RDF. BTW 2017

  • Thomas Bach, Artur Andrzejak, and Ralf Pannemans: Coverage-Based Reduction of Test Execution Time: Lessons from a Very Large Industrial Project, TAIC PART 2017, co-located with: 10th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST 2017), March 13th, 2017, Tokyo, Japan


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