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As part of our #SAPHANACareers series we asked some of our Walldorf based team about their career journeys with SAP and what advice they had to give other developers.

What does your job with SAP HANA involve?

Peter: “My job offers me the possibility to create things easily. I don’t need to invest in colours or paper like a painter who creates pictures. I just can sit in front of a computer and start bringing ideas to life.”

What do you think are the key skills needed to join the team?

René: “Common sense and logical thinking are the most important skills you need, alongside theoretical database knowledge and the typical problem solving skills you learn in almost any science and technology studies. You also always need to communicate with people who don’t always understand the problems. Being able to explain things in a way that others with less knowledge understand is a very important skill.”

What does working for SAP mean to you?

Elena-Madalina: “SAP has been my dream employer since my studies and it is a very big professional achievement to have joined SAP and to work in my area of interest. I am fostered and given many possibilities to grow by being part of the Early Talent program and am surrounded by specialists in my team that share their knowledge and expertise with me.”

Peter: “I love challenges and at SAP I get different types of challenges every day. Some of them are technical and some of them coming from SAP customers asking for a specific solution. Mastering these challenges in collaboration with your team gives you the feeling of pushing things forward, every day.”

Jan-Markus: “To be part of SAP opens many development opportunities. But most important for me is to be part of a great team, having flat hierarchies and loving my job. I am successful if the customer issues get solved and are happy.”

What advice would you give to people considering a career in software development with SAP?

Michèle: “The people here care about the detail, are patient and don’t give up easily so the ability to talk and listen will make your life a lot easier. A lot of courage is sometimes needed to dive into things you don’t know yet.”

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