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I’m happy to announce that SAP HANA, express edition SPS03 is now available to download!   The latest version of SAP HANA is packed with new features – go here for the times and dates of live expert sessions containing everything you need to know.

SAP HANA, express edition is the best way to get hands on with the latest SAP HANA SPS03 technology – available to install on your local laptop or desktop computer, a local server, or in the cloud.

There are a few new things worth mentioning with this latest release.

Over and above enhancements in the XSA programming model (register above to learn more), there are a number of enhancements in the development tools and interfaces worth mentioning, making it simpler to develop HANA based applications using your existing development tools and frameworks:

  • A new Visual Studio 2017 Plugin for SAP HANA development is included in the Windows Client installation package, featuring catalog browsing, a SQL Script editor, Data Preview functionality, as well as a stored procedure debugger.

  • The Python driver (included in the HANA client package) has been updated and enhanced

  • A new Ruby driver, together with an ActiveRecord adapter for Rails is also included

  • New community supported adapters for popular object relational mappers (Hibernate and SQL Alchemy)

The Notification and Feedback Center has been updated to provide recommendations regarding your use of HANA, alerting you of how to improve resource utilization (e.g. memory and storage).

The SAP HANA, express edition Docker Container has also been updated:

  • The container has been validated and tested on Kubernetes.

  • An additional container containing the XSA stack with SAP development and administration tools (available soon!)

SAP HANA, express edition is available in a number of Cloud Providers.     Since the initial launch of the product, we have been able to deploy to Amazon Web Services via the  SAP Cloud Appliance Library.   In addition to this, we will soon add a new SP03 based listing directly in the Amazon Web Services marketplace, making it even simpler to run SAP HANA, express edition.

Additionally, we now have the EPM-MDS plugin pre-installed to enable Analytics tools to consume HANA models.

The Automated Predictive Library is now available as an optional installation via the Download Manager.   The libraries can be directly used via SQL.  For “citizen data scientists”, with less SQL experience - a trial edition of the SAP Predictive Analytics Suite is available here.

The release notes published here contains a listing of the components and versions included.

If the Download Manager you have installed is older (downloaded before December 2017), you will need to get the latest version of the software.  You can do so by going back to the registration page, entering your details, and following the instructions provided.

SAP HANA, express edition is a community supported version of SAP HANA – please keep the questions, comments and feedback coming via the community pages!