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This blog will be periodically updated as a central note on running SAP HANA, express edition (referred to it as HXE for the rest of this post) in he SAP Cloud Appliance Library.    This is meant to be a supplement to tutorials and other content.

List of topics:

  • The installation and documentation tutorials for HXE does not specifically address the cloud appliance library setup.

    • Any reference to the hostname (hxehost) is not valid for the CAL image - updating your local hosts file with "hxehost" will result in issues using XSA functionality, which requires you to use the hostname set up by the CAL environment.     The hostname for the CAL image can be found by connecting to HXE with HANA Studio, using the IP address,

    • When using the CAL environment to create a new image

  • In the first version of the HXE CAL image, navigating to the WebIDE results in an error - related to inbound http ports

    • Navigate to your AWS console, click on EC2, and navigate to "running instances"

    • Identify the security group for your instance, and navigate to it.   You can also click on security groups on the menu on the left side, and identify the security group assigned to your instance by looking at the description field

    • Select the security group, and click the Actions button.

    • Click "edit inbound rules"

    • Find the item where the port range is 30013 - 30016.

    • Change it to 30013 - 31001

Feel free to let us know of any other issues you're facing with the CAL images by leaving a comment.