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It's very easy to get me talking about my passions and my friend and colleague, ian.thain knows how to make the best of this in his CodeTalks. He's done it before and with many other (interesting) people and great topics.

This time, we covered SAP HANA, express edition. The aim was to help anyone out there looking to get started from a more casual tone.

What is SAP HANA?

Watch CodeTalk - SAP HANA and HXE

The series start by answering a question that may be obvious to many, but still a mystery to anyone outside the SAP ecosystem (or those inside who are afraid to ask): What is SAP HANA and what is so great about it.

I tried to simplify and summarize some of the key concepts and mash the basics altogether. There are plenty of details that I have omitted as CodeTalks are supposed  to last no more than 10 minutes. Nonetheless, here are some of the concepts I mentioned and one of the many places where you can get more information about them:

  • In-memory data management, columnar storage and compression: This course by Prof. Dr. Hasso Plattner or its summarized version here by our Chief Innovation Officer,  Jürgen Müller.

  • Advanced Analytics: There are plenty of resources to the many topics that are included in this bag, including spatial (and step-by-step tutorials here),  predictive, text analytics and search, Smart data streaming and others. I cover a list of resources for these and how to navigate them in the second CodeTalk.

  • Extended Application Services - or XS - classic and advanced models: The original version of the embedded web server and application development platform, now called XS Classic, and the improved, more robust (yet not as simple), cloud-foundry based platform, XS Advanced.  I will cover this two in the second part of this blog.

What can you do with HANA?

Watch CodeTalk - Using HXE and Using HXE - Continued.

Like most developers, I learn by doing, so I went straight the resources (tutorials, guides, video courses and playlists) to get you started. Here I will simply quote other practical examples of what you can do with a web server and an in-memory database that has many cool features, all in the same place:


Predictive Analytics

Geo Spatial processing:

Text Analytics

Some fun integrations using REST APIs, a JDBC connector, an MDX connector or a library


Second part of this blog, covering how to decide which flavor of HXE is best for you and how to get your SAP HANA instance is here: Second Part