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“Currently, mobile cellular networks carry and manage service for more than 95% of the global population’s 9 billion cellular subscriptions. But, aggressive, new industry players are disrupting the business of CSPs – and only innovators will survive and thrive.”

- ICT Facts and Figures, ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau

Telecommunications is changing. As new over-the-top (OTT) telecommunications players enter the industry, they pose a threat to traditional providers. Leveraging existing CSP infrastructures, these new entrants take revenue opportunities from traditional communication services towards new data-intensive digital services like Spotify, Alexa, Netflix etc.

Innovation is a necessary requirement for telcos to stay ahead in this rapidly changing environment, and embracing new digital opportunities is key.

Digital Business Framework

SAP understands the five pillars of digitization, and we also understand that the continuously changing requirements pose big challenges for businesses. The method of reimagining business models, business processes, and work helps develop the digitization road map.

For example, the SAP HANA platform enables leading telecommunications companies to accelerate business processes, deliver more business intelligence, and simplify their IT environment. By providing the foundation for all data needs, SAP HANA removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and siloed data, allowing CSPs to run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy.

Digital Opportunities for Telcos

As CSPs set new strategic priorities and act on them, they can capture opportunities in key areas, leveraging data to drive digital transformation. 

Margin assurance: CSPs can gain deeper insights into margin contribution at the subscriber, service, and subscription levels – for example, by analyzing customer, service, and asset data to identify unprofitable customers and rate plan combinations. Armed with these insights, CSPs can take corrective actions that boost the bottom line.

Operational excellence and agility: Having agile, optimized business processes is becoming essential to winning in the new digital economy. Simpler thinking, streamlined finance operations, a tightly integrated supply chain, and flexible rating, charging, and billing applications are needed to bring new services to market quickly.

Deeper customer connections: By understanding customer preferences through analyzing data on subscriber service consumption, behaviors, preferences, and interactions, CSPs can develop fine-grained insights into their customer base and develop targeted products, offers, and campaigns.

IoT business and technology services: CSPs can help drive digital transformation in other industries (such as utilities) by harnessing sensor data from IoT-enabled assets and devices to deliver scalable solutions for connectivity, insight, applications, and processes.

Get Started Today

It isn’t necessary to implement this digital framework all at once, or even to start with SAP HANA. Companies can start with the pillar that creates the most value for their given situations, and add others when they are ready.

Learn more by downloading our Digital Service ProvidersSAP HANA - Digital Transformation for Telecom Providers Brochure and Margin Analysis Brochure.