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Join the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer (HDE) Webinar (part of SAP HANA iFG Community Calls) to learn about SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Migration best practices.

Title: SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Migration - Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Speaker kiran.musunuru2/profile, SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer, Sr. Principal SAP HANA Architect, Infosys Consulting

Moderator: Scott Feldman

Date: July 21st, 2016  Time: 8:00 - 9:00 AM Pacific, 11:00 - 12:00 PM Eastern (USA), 5:00 PM CET (Germany)


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Send me an email if you want to join HDE Slack Channel to interact with HDEs.


  • This is a great session for everyone planning their ERP journey to HANA providing a great overview on all the key elements to consider during the migration to Suite on HANA.
  • This session will have a focus on reducing risk using various tools and optimizing the downtime window, including what to look out for when moving to S4HANA.
  • The following topics will be covered:
    • How to setup a SAP HANA migration project and estimate accurately
    • What are the different migration options with special focus on DMO and when to use it?
    • What are the technical phases of the DMO approach?
    • How can you tune and optimize the DMO setup and execution?
    • How to troubleshoot issues during the DMO execution?
    • What are best practices and lessons learnt from HANA migrations performed of various sizes?
    • What is different with an S4HANA migration/conversion?

To join the meeting:

Participant Passcode: 110 891 4496

Germany: 0800 588 9331 tel:08005889331,,,1108914496#

UK: 0800 368 0635 tel:08003680635,,,1108914496#

US and Canada: 1-866-312-7353 tel:+18663127353,,,1108914496#

For all other countries, see the attached meeting request.

Background: SAP HANA Distinguished Engineers are the best of the best hand picked by HDE Council that are not only knowledgeable in implementing SAP HANA but also committed to sharing their knowledge with the community.

As part of the effort to share experiences made by HDEs, we started this HDE webinar series.

This webinar series is part of SAP HANA International Focus Group (iFG).

Join SAP HANA International Focus Group (iFG) to gain exclusive access to webinars, access to experts, SAP HANA product feedback, and customer best practices, education, peer-to-peer insights as well as virtual and on-site programs.

You can see the upcoming SAP HANA iFG session details here.

Note: If you get "Access Denied" error while accessing SAP HANA iFG webinar series / sessions, you need to first join  the community to gain access.

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