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Community Administrator
Community Administrator

We've just completed our latest update, SAP HANA SPS7 revision 72 is now available as a developer edition. However, we've made several changes this time around to give all of you some added options that we think will make life a little nicer. We've also added in a lot of sample apps and content for you to sink your teeth into and a couple of additional users so you can explore the system with well, not just with "SYSTEM".

There is also something else you need to be aware with this edition, we've changed the way you actually "get" the system. We've decided to make use of the SAP Cloud Appliance Library for this edition and future ones. This platform will let you create your instance then within the Aamazon EC2 landscape automatically. It also has a few of those added options such as the ability to set a schedule for your instance to help control costs.

The system option available is also only the 8 vCPU's, 68.4GB RAM instead of the smaller ones but we've also made some modifications and reduced the actual memory footprint of the server so you're really getting more "bang" for your buck!

We've also made a system level change to the port 80 and port 8000 issue, so hopefully that will help eliminate some of the issues a few of you were having with the SAP HANA Studio. We've also updated the landing page within the system.

SAP River is also completely activated in the system, you'll still need to request the tools as normal but the server is ready.

For a full description on the new process and getting your own system please follow this link.