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In the upcoming days and weeks, we will be posting new videos to the SAP HANA Academy to show new features and functionality introduced with SAP HANA cockpit 2.0 SP 07, released August 7, 2018.

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YouTube Playlist

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New features and known issues are documented in

For all SAP HANA cockpit documentation, see


Installation and Update

Install the SAP HANA Cockpit in an Existing SAP HANA System

As of SP 07, a dedicated SAP HANA system for the SAP HANA cockpit is no longer required.
You can now install cockpit in an existing SAP HANA system (shared database).

As with the Shared Hardware deployment option, the benefit is that you can leverage existing infrastructure. The difference is that even less hardware resources are required (less overhead) at the cost of less control: cockpit is not available when the system is down. Most suitable candidates are single system environments, in particular those used for training and development.

Tutorial Video - Shared Database Installation

According to SAP Note 2628614 - SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0 SP 07: If you’re installing the cockpit’s persistency on an existing SAP HANA 2.0 system, you will be prompted to enter the XS Advanced Admin user. Enter the user as COCKPIT_ADMIN, rather than the default of XSA_ADMIN.

Tutorial Video - Resource Registration

Tutorial Video - Update

Tutorial Video - Installation

Software Downloads

You can download SAP HANA cockpit 2.0 SP07 (with latest patches) from the SAP ONE Support Portal, section Downloads (URL:

Extract the archive using the sapcar utility.

Update or install a new SAP HANA cockpit system using SAP HANA Lifecycle Management in graphical mode ( or command line (

For the documentation, see

Administration and Monitoring

Video Tutorial

User Interface

One of the biggest changes for this release is the redesigned of the user interface using SAP Fiori Design Guidelines. You can now

  • Move, add or hide tiles

  • Filter tiles by area

  • Save frequently used resources as tiles to appear in the Landscape page

This allows for more efficient use of screen space showing rich and dynamic content , personalization, and reinforces SAP's continuous goal to improve the user interface and experience (UI/UX).

System Overview

Monitor Landscape

For the documentation, see

Aggregate Health in Resource Directory

Video Tutorial

The Aggregate Health Monitor has been added to the Resource Directory and is no longer available as a separate page/app.

For the documentation, see

Early Watch Alerts

Video Tutorial

Cockpit users with S-User authorization can now select the Early Watch Alert tile to launch the SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) Solution Finder in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

For the documentation, see

For a comprehesive overview about how to configure system monitoring, see the SCN Community Wiki resource

User Notifications and Session Monitoring

Video Tutorial

Administrators can now monitor browser sessions and send pop-up notifications to logged-in cockpit users.

For the documentation, see

Configuration Templates

Video Tutorial

With Configuration Templates you can create named sets of configuration parameters and apply them to your databases. Any cockpit user can apply templates but to create and change templates, you need the Cockpit Template Administrator role (new).

For the documentation, see

Managing Restricted Features

Video Tutorial

The Manage Restricted Features page has been enhanced and you can now also copy restricted features.

For the documentation, see

Table Distribution

Enhancements have been made to Table Distribution and Redistribution History. For example, when generating a Table Redistribution Plan, you can now use the Plan Steps and Analysis tabs before deciding to execute the plan.

For the documentation, see

Workload Classes

Enhancements have been made to the user interface for the Workload Classes (more intuitive).

For the documentation, see


Memory usage of your SAP HANA license is now visualized on a chart.

Cockpit APIs

You can now manage resources, users, and groups with cockpit APIs.

Video Tutorial part 1 (GET)

Video Tutorial part 2 (POST)

For the documentation, see

Backup and Recovery

Full backups (complete data backups or data snapshots) and backup generations (full backups plus delta, log and catalog backups) can now be deleted manually.

Additionally, you can configure settings for the retention of backup generations (SPS 03 or later).

For the documentation, see

User Management and Security Administration

User Groups

You can create user groups in SAP HANA cockpit and configure group-specific password policies. Previously, this was only possible using SQL.

For the documentation, see

LDAP User Authentication

You can now configure users for LDAP authentication. Previously, this was only possible using SQL.

For the documentation, see


You can now generate the SQL create statements of multiple audit policies.

For the documentation, see

SAP HANA Database Explorer

Video Tutorial

Remote Sources

The remote source editor has been updated to improve search performance and support remote sources for SAP HANA smart data integration.

For the documentation, see

Catalog Enhancements

To support SAP HANA smart data integration, the catalog browser now shows Data Provisioning Agents and Remote Sources (Remote Subscriptions and Tasks).

SQL Debugger

The SQL Debugger functionality from the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA has been added to the SAP HANA Database Explorer.

Importing Data

There is a new Import Data dialog to import Excel or CSV data. File size is limited to 40 MB for XLS(X) and 200 MB for CSV.

For the documentation, see

For the documentation, see

Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Capture and Replay

The Replay Monitor page (section Target System Information) and the Replay Report (section Replay Information) now displays the request rate.

On the Comparison Report (Performance Comparison), you can now change the tolerance ratio.

On the Replay Configuration page (Target System Information section), you can now enter the port number.

On the Overview page of Result Comparison and Performance Comparison, you can now see new categories such as SQL Errors, Non-SQL Errors, and Verification Skipped.

On the Capture Configuration page, you can now use the New Backup Settings link to select between Backint or file-based backups, to configure the backup destination, or to enter parameters for the Backint backup.

For the documentation, see

SQL Analyzer

You can now save SQL plans to the SAP HANA database, load previously saved plans into the SQL analyzer, and download saved SQL plans as PLV files to your computer.

The Overview tab of the SQL analyzer is enhanced by graphic views of the SQL time, dominant operators, and statistics.

You can navigate to the Operators section below by selecting Open Operators and see the Tables in Use section below by clicking on the Tables in Use field in the Statistics tile.

The Table Accesses section is now enhanced by the following columns that can be added in the settings menu: Operator Id, Operator Name, Details.

For the documentation, see

Workload Analyzer

Thread Sampling

Background Jobs and Timeline are now in separate categories and you can navigate to the SQL analyzer by selecting an entry on the chart in the Top SQL Statements section and clicking Open in SQL Analyzer.

Engine Instrumentation

You can access the analyzer from the Capture Management page of the capture and replay tool. The Timeline view displays a detailed timeline chart and an accompanying statements table.

For the documentation, see


For more information, see:

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SAP Notes

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