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I have recently joined SAP in Dublin a month ago. In order to increase my knowledge of SAP products and goals, I have been introduced to SCN. Furthermore, completing missions to acquire badges will help me do so in learning about SAP.

The video that I have chosen from the SAP HANA Cloud Portal Playlist is the video about What Is Responsive Web Design? Coming from a development background this video has piqued my interest and I have looked furthermore about SAP implementing responsive web design (RWD) on their products especially on their mobile platform.

I am glad that SAP as an organisation is looking into responsive web design (RWD) concept. Why? It is due to the fact that SAP is looking to move forward and be able to provide products that implement this concept. This video explains it in a simple way which is great for people that do not want to be thrown off by big words. The explanation of the concept was great as I found it easy to understand and kept my attention in watching the video. The video is also not too long and was sweet and short which I liked very much.

The video is constructed in a well structured manner from:

  • Explaining the problem the customer is having.
  • Nice animations and pictures to depict multiple applications a customer uses.


  • Providing a solution to the customer.
  • Showing the applications in different platforms.

It also keeps the user interested with the different animations in the video which is a nice touch.

The video is dated at 2013, after watching this video I have grown interest in seeing if there was any progress in implementing this concept. After a few quick searches with the help of Google, I have found multiple results that shows it has been pushed forward to web design in mobile applications. This is great since portability is important in this generation. The ability to be able to access your work from just accessing an application on your phone or tablet not only increases your productivity but also keeps your business running smoothly.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below on your thoughts about this blog and the video.

Thank you for reading this blog post.


Jinnyre Malazarte

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