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As a new member to the SAP Community Network, I am currently trying to complete missions and earn badges to learn and improve my knowledge on SAP Products and the Organization.  The SAP HANA Cloud Portal 2014 Movie Challenge appealed to me as I got to pick a video on the SAP HANA Cloud Portal YouTube Playlist.  The video that I picked was the SAP Cloud Portal.

This video is ideal for an organization who are unsure on what products and technology they are looking for.  It describes a business scenario whereby an organization is growing and the company needs to stay in control of assets and processes.  The video then explains the best practice's for completing this which are, being able to access data and information, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

After this the video then gives success factors which include:

  • Collaboration; with Customers, Partners and Employees
  • Business Processes; In a secure manner, while reducing your IT costs.
  • Real time Responses; with Situations, Partnerships and Opportunities
  • Robust, Scalable and Personalized Solution

It then discuses the options available; while many vendors have single solutions trying to tie these together to create a perfect solution is incredibly difficult and  can be near impossible.  However, SAP Integrated all of these together in the SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal.

I personally enjoyed reviewing this video as it is highly informative and keeps the attention of the viewer with entertaining animation.  The business scenario also tried to build a relationship with the viewer by creating a real life example of how important a cloud platform can be to an organization.  Overall, the video was highly entertaining and very informative. 

Don't hesitate to leave a comment, I would be glad to know what everyone thinks.


Dave Courtney

You can find out more information on: SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Portal Service