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          Hello everyone :smile: . This is my new blog release for SCN, in this case for The Cloud Portal Challenge, and I will talk a bit about Responsive design. That simple, that easy :grin: .

          The reason because I have chosen this video among other interesting ones is because, myself as a customer, I have been through some problems when I have used mobile applications. What I mean, it is that is quite common to see one specific desktop application changing its Launchpad or modifying various aspects of its accessibility when it is run from a mobile device, making the user confused, lost and unable of understanding the new layout. Moreover, this issue gets increased when the user is a business employee or manager whose each minute of his/her time is gold.

          In the video we can see a wide response to the question “What is Responsive Design?” being this the responsible management of applications throughout multiple devices. You can see how in the beginning of this video it is shown two examples of business people who depends on their mobile applications during his normal work routine, and who feel stressed because of the continue changing of them throughout the multiple devices. The solution to this is simple: a single application adapted to all and each environment, regardless of the device used.  SAP applies this topic, and design applications that as long as the device is shrinking, these are carefully selecting the information and operations which should be shown in that specific screen, being able to provide just the necessary to make easier each person's job. And of course, SAP is providing it on Hana, On Premise and on the Cloud.

          Thank you very much for taking time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to join me and my colleagues and participate I encourage you to click this link: You will find all you need to participate.

Kind Regards :smile:

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