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What a day!  Full of enjoyment, excitement and lot of learning!!

Thanks to the leon.limson and his SIT's members who organized this event. In this, I got a chance to express my views on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gamification Service.

Here is the contents from my slide deck

What is Gamification and its relevance?

To explain Gamification to the audience I have used the standard definition which is

Gamification is use of game design elements in non-game context

                                                                                    [Deterding et al. 2011]

This means that use of game design elements such as points, badges, levels, missions and leader boards in non-game context something that is not really a game but idea here is to make it game-like.

Gamification is very useful to business as it is being used in various sectors like educations, government, telecommunications, social media ,eCommerce and many more. The reason is it engage and motivate people by improving their work experience and create excitement and fun. This not only improves user engagement and adoption but also improves productivity, satisfaction, people morale and helps in making better decisions. 

SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gamification service

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform gamification service allows the rapid introduction of gamification concepts into applications using the following Gamification development cycle.

1. Creation of Gamification concept which is nothing but creation of meaningful game

2. Implementation of game mechanics using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gamification service

3. Finally integrating with an application using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gamification service API end points.


I talked  about following SAP applications which are using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gamification service.

SAP Community Network

SAP Community Network (SCN) is the social network for SAP professionals. SCN is where you can learn, engage and advance your career. Numbers shows below in the slide how powerful community network it is.

Beta version of HANA Cloud Platform Gamification service with SAP Community network is already released and it announces five beta missions. More info on this can be found here.

SAP  TwoGo

TwoGo by SAP is the smart and flexible carpooling service for daily commute. It save time, share costs and act sustainably with daily ride sharing service.

Points in TwoGo are virtual rewards that user can earn each time when use the application either as a driver or passenger or either.

SAP Fitness application

This application is built on top of HANA Cloud Platform, extracts data related to number of steps walked by user from wearable devices like FitBit, Apple Watch, Jawbone, Withings and displays it on a dashboard for user to introspect. It is using HANA Cloud Platform Gamification service for introducing gamification concepts like Fitness points, badges, levels and leaderboard etc.

Integrating into an application

I have used my JIRA-SAP HCP GS Gamification blog series to show how easily gamification concepts can be introduced into an application using SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gamification service. This basically covers step by step detail on how game mechanics can be configured and how Gamification service API end points can be used to gamify an applications.

I really enjoyed SAP Inside Track Gurgaon and my audience of-course :smile:   as they showed good interest by asking lot of questions related to game mechanics , SAP HANA Cloud Platform Gamification service API end points  used in above SAP applications. I also liked the other presentations during the event.