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Hi everyone,

our new openSAP course SAP HANA Cloud Platform Essentials, which introduced you to SAP HANA Cloud Platform in it's most up-to-date state yet and showed you how to take advantage of the various services it provides for developers, came to an end a couple weeks back and is now available in self-paced mode. We followed the course in SCN with our document openSAP course guide - SAP HANA Cloud Platform Essentials and the week guides which are linked from there. With this blog post now I would like to provide a short review from SAP HANA Cloud Platform side. The openSAP team published here SAP HANA Cloud Platform Essentials - Key Metrics and Insights also a blog post which expresses their educators point of view.

What was covered in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Essentials openSAP course?

  1. Week 1 - Basics
    1. Unit 1: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Basics
    2. Unit 2: Developing in Your Account
    3. Unit 3: Deploying Your First HTML5 Application
    4. Unit 4: Deploying Your First Java Application with Eclipse
    5. Unit 5: Deploying Your First SAP HANA Native Application
  2. Week 2 - Security
    1. Unit 1: Security Concept
    2. Unit 2: Securing HTML5 Apps
    3. Unit 3: Securing Java Apps
    4. Unit 4: Securing Web APIs
    5. Unit 5: Securing SAP HANA Native Services - Part 1
    6. Unit 6: Securing SAP HANA Native Services - Part 2
  3. Week 3 - Connectivity
    1. Unit 1: Connectivity Basics
    2. Unit 2: Cloud Connector
    3. Unit 3: Connecting Internet Systems
    4. Unit 4: Connecting SAP On-Premise Systems
    5. Unit 5: Connecting Cloud Databases
    6. Unit 6: Operations and Troubleshooting
  4. Week 4 - Persistence
    1. Unit 1: Introduction and First Steps with EJB
    2. Unit 2: Connecting to Your Database
    3. Unit 3: Creating a JDBC Application
    4. Unit 4: Sharing Data Between Applications
    5. Unit 5: Introduction to the Document Service
  5. Week 5 - IoT and Collaboration
    1. Unit 1: IoT Services - Part 1
    2. Unit 2: IoT Services - Part 2
    3. Unit 3: Gamification Services
    4. Unit 4: SAP Document Center
    5. Unit 5: SAP JAM Collaboration
  6. Week 6 - Additional Services
    1. Unit 1: SAP HANA Cloud Integration
    2. Unit 2: SAP HANA Cloud Portal
    3. Unit 3: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services
    4. Unit 4: SAP Hybris as a Service on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
    5. Unit 5: Summary

(Direct links to each of the videos, unit summaries and Q&A you can find in the week guides.)

Who attended the openSAP course?

If you attended the course I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and you learned a lot. If you didn't attend so far, it's now available in self-paced mode so you can just go to SAP HANA Cloud Platform Essentials - Rui Nogueira and Sven Kohlhaas, enroll and do the course when it's convenient for you.

We have also just now announced a new advanced SAP HANA Cloud Platform openSAP course called Developing Java-Based Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform - Sven Kohlhaas where you will learn how to develop Java-based apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform using the newly updated Enterprise Sales & Procurement Model (ESPM) application. With the ESPM app, we’ll demonstrate the end-to-end process for developers to leverage the capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Java-based apps. This course will start on September 7th and run for five content weeks + one week for the final exam. The weekly effort to follow the course is about 4 hours. Don't wait, sign up now, and you will be in the course from the start!

All the best,